Friday, October 31, 2008

Hourglass Calligraphy Eyeliner makes lining eyes easy

I want to feature the Hourglass Calligraphy Eyeliner ($33) on my birthday because it's the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used. I bought chibi's mom her birthday present a month ago. I got her a Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Eyeliner in Matte Black $30 (there is only one color). I had heard from fishee that Armani's eyeliner has a soft tip, and it goes on smoothly and in a thin line. Exactly what chibi's mom wanted! I tried it on at the counter before purchasing it and it was everything fishee said it would be, at least for that moment.

However, I was still curious about the great reviews for the Calligraphy Eyeliner from Makeupalley and Sephora. There are more color choices (Top: Ebony, Middle: Cognac, Bottom: Indigo/dark navy) from Hourglass, though it is $3.00 more than the Maestro liquid eyeliner.

I was feeling decadent, so I bought myself a Calligraphy Eyeline in Ebony and bought chibi's mom one in Cognac to go with her black Maestro eyeliner. It is so idiot-proof that I could finally apply it to my eyes without it looking unnatural or out of place. I was never able to do so with other eyeliners! Of course, I did not turn into an expert overnight. I still drew all over the place but it was easy enough to remove. Sometimes, I draw into my eyes and all, but it didn't hurt, nor did I need to wash out my eye. I would like to think that it's because all its active ingredients are natural. (Chamomile and aloe extracts gently soothe and calm while rosemary and perilla extracts provide a nurturing antioxidant boost.) It goes on thinly if I apply it lightly, and it goes on more dramatically if I apply a little more pressure. Then, it dries so quickly and stays dry for the rest of the day. Now, if only my mascare wouldn't smudge on the skin under my eye, I would have perfect eye makeup!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

HauteLook has awesome finds I have to share

Balenciaga Turquoise Heels (Was: $845, Now: $290)
Brand names like Prada, Miu Miu, Marc Jacob, YSL, Valentino, and Balenciaga can be found in DecadeTwo of HauteLook, ending Oct 31st, 11pm Pacific Time.

Pencil Skirt (Was: $209, Now: $73)

4 Pocket Classic Flare (Was: $242, Now: $85)
Classic Blazer (Was: $352, Now: $176)
These staple clothing from Stelle by Gilbergilmore are so affordable that I am again struck with indecisiveness of how many I want. Also at HauteLook. Stelle by Gilbergilmore sale is ending Oct 30th 11pm Pacific Time. Other sales are also in progress right now. Click on the pictures to join the sample sale site!

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Gilt Groupe Final Sale

Find sale prices up to 90% off at Gilt Groupe! The sale will be ending Fri 10/31 11:59 PM ET. It won't exactly be easy to find your size and the selection is few, but this kind of deal is as good as it gets.

I myself bought two pairs of jeans from Chip and Pepper at $58 each. What a deal! Chip and Pepper jeans are known for their great fit, so I can't wait! They are my first pairs.

Up top, you have Jill Stuart Katherine Dress (Was $525, Now $128). It is perfect for the continuation of the graphic prints trend in Spring '09.

Next, you have a classic short trench from Behnaz Sarafpour that will serve you throughout all seasons (Was: $1,520, Now: $398).

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Revolve Clothing has Alexis Hudson on sale

Sorry I was gone for so long. I am back in Vancouver briefly and have been busy doing homely things. But now I feel compelled to share with you the wonderful sale that Revolve Clothing is having. Just take a look at the Alexis Hudson Hera Braided Chain bag in white croc. It is now $343.00 from its original $685.00 and for such a young and chic looking bag, it is worth every cent. Unless of course, if you are a bag snob and won't even look at faux snake skin. Yes, the bag is just leather, and "white croc" is just the name of the color. I have a feeling it was meant to be slightly misleading, but I don't really care that much because I still love the classic Chanel shape and the sadle/envelope feel of its design. By the way, those cheeks are actually part of a magnetic pocket in the front. Not sure how functional it is, but I love the idea. Ingenious to work that into the design!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Exotic Money Clip

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Magnetic Money Clip $115.00

Yes! Nancy Gonzalez has does it again! Of course it makes sense to make exotic money clips made out of crocodile. Bags are divine in exotic skins, and men wearing crocodile watch straps or holding crocodile wallets enjoy a higher status, so why wouldn't there be crocodile magnetic money clips? I would LOVE to get the blue one for chibi, except I doubt he will ever use it. I'm the one with the exotic skin obsession anyways. So what is up with Nancy Gonzalez's choice of colors!? Give me a more feminine-looking exotic money clip so that I can glamorize the money in my clutches!!!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Valentino Glamorous Tote not at all glamorous

I felt compelled to post pictures of Valentino's new atrocity of a bag to share my disdain for inappropriate innovation, if you can even call it that. In fact, Valentino's Glamorous Tote makes Miu Miu's Nappa Patch Tote looks GREAT! Well, you'll be glad to know that the designer (Alessandra Facchinetti) responsible for allowing this scaly monstrocity out into the world has been fired from Valentino, and replaced by two long-time accessories designers at the fashion house. Well, maybe we can expect some good looking bags from Valentino. Hopefully, bags like Flower Tote and Fango Nappa Petale Handbag will be forever gone from the line, and more bags like the Histoire and Maison Studded Tote will be a more common occurance. Well, guess it can't all be blamed on Facchinetti. After all, the Maison Studded Tote came out during her watch.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I depend on Burt's Bee Herbal Blemish Stick

I'm one of those girls who break out in a few spots consistently throughout the years. It is my baseline to get 3-15 acne spots in one month. Sometimes, they are smaller spots and sometimes, they are bigger. I hated going to the doctor for any medicine because it stinks and it's way too strong. I know that my skin breaks out even more when it is dry (the oil doesn't escape the dead surface). So I usually leave my blemish untreated or go to expensive facials to get rid of them, and that doesn't even work perfectly.

And then chibi bought me this Herbal Blemish stick from Burt's Bee in Taiwan, and despite its flaws, I fell in love with it. It really helped to control my acne, both in prevention, and in healing the ones that has already broken out. I could apply it to places on my face that is aggitated or feeling more greasy, and it would help calm my skin down. And because it is natural, I felt no qualms applying it anytime I felt the need to. It has a roller application, which didn't work perfectly; the liquid would sometimes not come out if it's not tilted right, or too much of it would come out and flow down my face (which I did not mind...haa). It is a little expensive, and a little pungent, but I got used to it after the second day since I was much more willing to accept a natural concoction than a laboratory-made medicine. And hey! if I accidentally lick my face and swallow some, I don't expect to be poisoned by it.

Recently, I have run out of this blemish stick and have suffered the consequences of tiny breakouts on my face. I really need to either stock up on more, or try out some of the other blemish sticks that have good reviews on (e.g., Dessert Essence Blemish Touch Stick, Ole Henriksen Roll On Blemish Attack, etc.)

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Christian Dior Beauty

This one promises professional "lightworks" - in a flash. Just one click and stroke of this lightweight, skin perfector instantly diminishes shadows, fine lines, and imperfections. Skin glows with new radiance. Wear it under or over foundation - or on bare skin.
And reviews from gives it a 4.1 out of a 5, with 68% planning to buy this product again. People who loved it come from all ages, but they do say that the colors available are rather pale (and the only dark color is rather orangey). Also, one to two clicks is good for application, but too many clicks might make it cake. This one is sheer and natural-looking. Mostly used under the eye and over the cheek for highlighting and concealing.

Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation $60.00

This one is an ultra-fluid mist foundation formulated to deliver an "airbrushed" effect with precision and ease. Evens out skin tone and visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and skin irregularities with the latest in technology.
Airbrushed also mean messy in this case. Because you have to spray this on, you will get it in your hair, your vanity, your bathroom counter, floor, etc. But it can be quick to apply, and has great coverage (air-fresh texture, semi-matte finish, weightless, breathable), if and only if you can find a shade that matches your skin tone. There is only 3 "skin perfecting shades" to chose from. If you find one, good for you, you will get that flawless dewy complexion we are all seeking.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Statement pieces indeed.

Dolce Vita Cher Heel with Cut Outs
Dolce Vita Cher Heel with Cut Outs $152.00

I saw these heels on PinkMascara and had to look at it again and again. A little while ago, I saw Christian Louboutin come out with a Button-Web Strappy Sandal and thought it wasn't a shoe that many women would be drawn to. Then when I saw Dolce Vita Cher heels, I wondered the same question. But the fact of the matter is, I couldn't keep my eyes from these pair of shoes. From my previous post on DVF boots, you could already tell that I love grey suede. The cutouts in the Dolce Vita Cher heels are very fashion forward and I love that the shoe comes together in the lace-up detail at the front. I also love Dolce Vita Justin Stillettos. Anyone wearing these shoes with a dress would rightly command attention.

Alexis Hudson Whistler Bag
Alexis Hudson Whistler Bag $750.00

Kooba Mandy Clutch
Kooba Mandy Clutch $365.00

For the statement evening/clutch bags of the day, I chose Alexis Hudson's Whistler Bag and Kooba's Mandy Clutch. Yes, they are black, but certainly not boring! The shape and form of each is exciting and youthful, and while I haven't always been a fan of Kooba, I have to say that its use of zippers and asymmetry in the Mandy Clutch is simply divine. Way to make a statement on an evening out!~

Remember that Pink Mascara has Free Shipping w $150 purchase for those of you heading that way.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Japan has 3rd highest GDP in the world for a reason

It's a materialistic world in Japan. And I mean it in a good way! Look what my friend NK found at, a great shopping site in Japan. She tried on similar fur boots in Canada for $69.90 and found these BUCCIA boots for 1,980 Yen, which translates to less than $20 USD. Having a choice of color is great too! As for this 3-way bag, it is just interesting how you can use it as a clutch, a top-handle tote, and sling-over bag. Notice how there is a turnlock on the bag? When the bag is a top-handle tote, the turnlock is just there for decorations. But when you want the bag to become a clutch, you fold the bag over and fasten the handles under the turnlock strap. Voila! An interesting look clutch! And then you can add the removable shoulder straps in to make the bag an easy-to-carry bag that slings over your body. Again, the 10 choices of color never hurt anyone (except an indecisive shopper like I am)...At approximately $50 USD, this bag is a steal (though not as big a steal as the boots)!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Francesco Biasia Bags are fab!

A while ago, I posted about Francesco Biasia's Meg Straw Bag, and since then Francesco Biasia has caught my eye again and again.

Navy pleated snake leather 'Uma' clutch $179.00 (Retail: $298.00)

First, the Uma clutch, which is made out of beautiful navy pleated snake leather is amazingly stunning! The navy is mysterious and electric, especially when it's combined with the sheen in the snake leather. The pleats in the clutch reminds me of Nancy Gonzalez bags. Why? Because Nancy Gonzalez's specialty is of creating enough flexibility in her exotic skins to make beautiful foldings and pleating in her bags. I also love that this turns into an evening bag with the removable silver chain.

Grey suede 'Ruby' medium satchel $341.00 (Retail: $568.00)

Perhaps this bag is nothing you haven't seen before in shape, but the combination of patent leather and suede is so fresh and playful, especially in the context of the color GREY, this Fall's wildly popular color.

Stone straw woven 'Electra' large tote $179.00 (Retail: $298.00)

I am just amazed what Francesco Biasia can do with straw! The Meg bag was cute and playful, but the Electra tote seems casual and serious all at once. It looks like a bag that a highly organized woman would carry around and it would be sturdy and versatile enough for everyday use. Measuring a whooping 19" by 15" approximately, the Electra tote is appropriate to be a diaper bag, a laptop bag, a documents bag, or even an overnight bag (as long as you don't have a problem of over-packing like I do).

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Monday, October 13, 2008

If I have all the money in the world...

If I have all the money in the world, this is the ensemble I would wear. I was attracted by the ruffles in the Elizabeth and James Orchid Trapeze Blouse so I decided to put together an outfit inspired by it. But mostly, I just wanted to carry that Mulberry Snakeskin oversized shoulder bag. It looks so sumptuous and glamorous, I'm sure this Mulberry bag will make a statement with any outfit. The two zippers on the side expands the bag if you needed it to. Think of it as a YSL Uptown bag turning into a YSL Downtown bag. Fab? I would say so. It doesn't close with a zipper up top, but instead employs a magnetic closure and a lobster clasp to hold the bag contents safely in the bag. Personally, I am fine with that because I love easy access to what's inside my bag. I know some people may hate it because they constantly spill and scatter the contents of their bags. And to those people, I say "you are a bigger klutz than I and you deserve the trouble of having to zip open and close your bag each time you take something out or put something in. Good riddance to you!"

So what do you think? Is the ensemble too much?

Ok, fine, if you find the purple on the Mulberry competing too much with the green on the Trapeze blouse, I will substitute the bag with another gorgeous bag from Anya Hindmarch. There, Happy now?

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

chibi's True Religion denim

A week or two ago, chibi found out that eluxury was taking 25% off already discounted items, so he bought some True Religion jeans for himself and for his brother. So here it is!

Honestly, I have never really liked True Religion's big horseshoe logo on the butt. I really don't think it does anything for a woman's behind. I also hate the twisted seams that True Religion put on so many of their flare jeans. Not only does it look strange, it is also unflattering because it makes one's legs look curved inward and short. Needless to say, I just did not understand True Religion's iconic status in premium denim.

That said, doesn't chibi look good in his True Religions? It fits him perfectly and he was raving about how comfortable it is because it is made with a bit of room in the crotch and butt area, and then tighter around the thighs so that he looks sleek and sophisticated in his jeans without feeling cramped.

If you want to buy your own pair of True Religions, you can head on to the True Religion website, where you will get Free shipping for all orders over $250.

Otherwise, you can check out True Religion jeans at the following sites:
(1) CoutureCandy. You can Save $10 at CoutureCandy

(2) Pink Mascara

(3) Free Shipping Over $100

(4) Label Spree. Save up to 75% on Designer Jeans at LabelSpree


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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Felix Rey Katherine Tote

Felix Rey Katherine Tote $328.00 (Was: $850.00)

Felix Rey Marissa Clutch $98.00 (Was: $340.00)

I've never heard of Felix Rey, but FR bags went on sale on Gilt Groupe today and I'm really liking this two. The Katherine Tote is really calling to me with its quilted patent leather and removable brass chain straps. Even though the tote looks relatively flat, it is actually 4" wide so you are sure to have room to put your things. In fact, I am one of those people who are very attracted by slim totes hung on the shoulder, so I love it! The only thing I would complain about is that its handles look rather flimsy, as if it is made out of PVC (you know, that cheap plastic feel), and that really makes me cast doubts about the entire bag. BUT, it does have a grosgrain leopard print lining inside, and is big enough (16"L x 11"H) to fit my VAIO laptop. As for the Marissa Clutch, I like that it is leopard print but made more abstract and removed even more from reality by using patent leather. Again, this is a slim clutch (1" wide), but otherwise, it is 11"L x 6"H, and has an interior coin purse and zipper pocket, all of which are attractive features to have in a clutch.

The sale will end Sat 10/11 at 11:59 PM EST, so if you want to check out the bags, do it quick.

By the way, Felix Rey is the name of the doctor who treated Van Gogh when he cut off his ears. Lily Rafil and Sulaika Zarrouk, the creators of the Felix Rey accessories line, saw the doctor's portrait at an exhibition and started the line with the name in March 2001. Felix Rey is sold in Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and other stores around the world.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

02: Outerwear substitutes at UrbanOutfitters

As a continuation of yesterday's entry about cheaper outerwear substitutes, people who are unhappy about Old Navy's selection or quality can consider other stores like Urban Outfitters, where you will find less conventional alternatives to coats and sweaters.

Here goes the not-so-literal comparison:

As an aside, I also really like the Grey Antics Scarf Jacket ($128.00) and the Silence & Noise Legacy Coat ($140.00). :
Check out Urban Outfitter's sweaters and cardigans while you are at it. I love that a lot of them are long and cover my butt as is the fashion nowadays. Well, the length of those sweaters not only elongates my upper body (so that it looks slimmer and I look taller), it also cover me up properly when I sit down and slouch.

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Outerwear substitutes at Old Navy

Fashion has everything to do with business and finance. Markets depend on consumer confidence for a healthy dose of buying and selling. Without the confidence that our businesses will make money, we are hesitant to buy, thus making other businesses suffer, in turn causing their owners not to spend either. Therefore, even with news of a great financial depression bearing upon us, I feel the need to do my part in stimulating the economy. Yet, it is only wise to tighten the drawstrings of my money pouch just a bit. So, even though my fashion sense remains sharp, I've decided to hunt for cheaper alternatives to the sweaters and coats I like at Neiman Marcus. Lucky for me, I didn't have to search too long. I saw this line somewhere "Old Navy has the best new outerwear for the family, starting at $39.50" and I went to browse Old Navy, not expecting much. And surprisingly, I found some basic items that I would certainly buy since I forgot to bring any of my clothes for colder weather from Vancouver to LA. I really love the scarf cardigans and striped boyfriend cardigans. I also like the pique wool-blend coats in all 4 colors!!!

Well, ok, if you really prefer to spend ten times the price at Neiman Marcus, then today is the final day you can earn a $50 NM gift card with code WARM8 when you spend $350 on cold weather accessories, outerwear, or boots for women, men, and kids. Browse the Cold Weather Event at Neiman Marcus.

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