Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arden B. Dress Event is AMAZING~!

Arden B. Dress Event is amazing!
And let me tell you why...

You can find beautiful spring dresses and trendy jumpsuits at great prices that won't break your bank. I've organized them by categories:

Beautiful short dresses:

The color blue and the ruffles in this dress are so romantic and trendy for the springtime. What's more, this babydoll dress is only $48! You can wear it everyday!!! ( I want it...)

This dip dye dress is nothing like the tie dye t-shirts you had to endure in the 80s. This is sophistication and beauty stuffed into a bottle and floated out to sea...Refreshing, isn't it?

Trendy Jumpsuits:

Off the Shoulder Drape Jumpsuit $68

I love off-the-shoulder items because a woman's shoulders are so beautiful. And it's even better as a jumpsuit! Beyond sexy~~

Black-and-white contrasts are very "in" as well, and with the mix of textures, I would say this jumpsuit is a winner too...Definitely an easy-to-wear piece for cocktail parties to lounges...

Only a few left of this one, which is a a simple version of the jumpsuit that will go ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE you want to take it...

Glamorous Maxi Dresses:

This is a very simple dress with just enough boldness and contrast of color to "pop" out of a group. One could easily go from casual to more formal by accessorizing appropriately with this dress.

Want a bright patterned floral dress for spring without looking like grandma? With the fashion-forward print in this dress, it is perfectly sophisticated and is sure to grab all the attention you can handle.

Add to your other-worldliness in this Moroccan print dress. Get ready for some stately and romantic adventure. It'll get rocky from here on in...

The selection is so awesome I just don't know what to choose... @_@ I just dyed my hair today into a strawberry peachy shade and it would go so well with any of these items I featured here...If you happen to buy from Arden B. dress event (click on any of the pictures above to check it out), do share your choices with me!

Remember to use code DRESS2009 when you check out!

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Grey Hair is our bodies' way of saving money~

I love an intelligent man. Probably most women would like that too, which is why Richard Gere is so popular with all his silver hair. Unfortunately, not everyone looks good with grey hair. In case you are wondering, scientists have come up with an explanation for growing grey hair:

"Our hair cells produce hydrogen peroxide, and over time, it builds up, blocking the synthesis of melanin (which provides the natural color to our hair). So when our hair turns gray, it's like a bleaching process from the inside out." - BellaSugar

Whether it is age or genetics, I find it very amusing that getting grey hair is essentially like bleaching our hair from inside out. This means that people should stop feeling ashamed when they dye their grey hair any other color. It is not a cover-up, it is simply a choice of prefered hair color. In fact, they should be proud that their body has saved some money for them by forgoing the bleaching step. How amazing is our bodies, eh?

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Aretha Franklin single-handedly revives the hat industry

One evening, chibi's little brother started watching My Fair Lady (1964) on TV, and after seeing Audrey Hepburn in Cecil Beaton's amazing costume and hats, he went on to comment that he missed the days when hats were an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. And yes, he meant those Sunday church hats that transformed Audrey into a lady.

First, I thought, that's ironic being that he never lived in those days. The next thing that came to my mind is Aretha Franklin during Obama's inauguration:

Sure it's not as pretty as Cecil Beaton's work of art, but it has become quite the hot item as Aretha's milliner (hat-maker), Luke Song, has received more than 5,000 orders for the hat already. Apparently, the original hat will be loaned to the Smithsonian and then it will remain in Barack Obama's presidential library. And since Luke Song refuses to replicate the original, he will be making a spring version of the Aretha hat for the 5,000 orders. The spring version comes in an assortment of pastel hues, and at $179 each, Luke Song will be making $895,000 on those hats alone. Pastel hues, hmmm. I can't imagine how that will turn out.

Anyway, is Aretha's hat really going to save the hat industry and revive the dead art of millinery (hat-making)? Well, chibi's brother probably hopes so. And I really don't hate the hats that MyItThings posted as an alternative to the Aretha Hat, or the ones at Etsy. So, I guess it would be a fun ride to have hats back as a staple part of our wardrobe. At the very least, the whole hippie satorial culture will no longer be as dominant, and being overdressed will be much more accepted with the re-introduction of hats. I think I'd like that.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Day for up to 90% off Sample Sale at Yoox

Shop the New Semi Annual Sample Sale at Yoox.com! Shop DIESEL, VALENTINO, COSTUME NATIONAL, STELLA McCARTNEY, ALEXANDER McQUEEN and more, with savings soaring up to an Extra 90% off.

These items are from CNC Costume National...one of MANY brands on sale at Yoox. Getting a blazer like the ones above would be a very on-trend choice, as Fall Fashion is all about strong shoulders. Find your own style at Yoox.com. Oh, and did I mention how avoidable the prices are? Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself.


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Final day to score hot designer shoes at 30% off!!!

Last Day for
30% Off All Shoes, men’s and women’s

Coupon Code: SHOE30

Score new designer shoes at 30% off at BlueBee.com by using the coupon code above. The shoes I featured above are from Loeffler Randall, and my favorite is the nude shoe on the bottom left. Here's a bigger picture.

Loeffler Randall Aspen Ruffle Platform Nude

At $595, the discount will land you around $416.5, which is still pricey, but Loeffler Randall shoes are worn and coveted by Hollywood celebrities, but this nude shoes are between a pump and a bootie. Its ruffles are so cute, and really makes the shoes stand out. Well, this cute Aspen Ruffle Platform Nude just doesn't do it for you, check out some of the other options including Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Pucci, and Old Gringo.

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What models do behind-the-scenes to get a good shoot...spazz

I don't know if I find this amazing or just freaky.

Purple #11 from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

This is a behind-the-scenes video of model Natasa Vojnovic shooting with photographer Terry Richardson at Diane Von Furstenberg's meatpacking-district headquarters (NYC) for the latest issue of Purple. She was also in Gareth Pugh's Fall 2009 video, and is known for her very distinct modeling style. That is, she works her stuff by shrieking and flailing in front of the camera like she's possessed or on crack. I can imagine very good photos from this photo shoot though, full of movement and her complete commitment to the moment. So I'm really not sure. Amazing? or Just Freaky?

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cute Margarita Vest to spruce up your summer outfits

Margarita Vest ($39.50 Sale $19.95)
From GbyGuess.com

I bought a vest in Japan and I really thought I got a good deal since it was about USD$30 and it is pretty good looking. But since then, I've seen cuter vests at cheaper prices, and that really makes me mad. This one is black like mine, but it is smaller/shorter and more form-fitting, so it is definitely sexier than the one I've got. Plus, it is a whole $10 less than the one I bought.

ARGH!~ I will just have to wear mine everyday to get the value out of it!!!

Save $25 when you spend $75, code SPRING25 and it’s valid now through May 2, 2009

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Duct Tape Prom - entertainment of the day

As Trigun (anime) main character loves to say, "Peace and Love" to everyone!!! Yes, it's all made of duct-tape! Can you believe that this is the ninth year for this Duck brand duct tape "Stuck at Prom" contest, where students compete to create the most innovative outfits out of the twenty colors of duct tape and hope to win first place ($3,000 prize).

My favorite is the cat ears outfit below. AWESOME!!! What's your favorite?

Click here to see the rest of the pictures at NYmag!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hovey Lee Eco-Friendly Jewelry

I saw these on ShopFlick and thought...
(1) they look great
(2) the price is right!
(3) Made from recycled brass? Eco-friendly? How fabulous!

I'm an avid recycler at home, and I reuse things in all sorts of different ways, so I'm very attracted to these cuffs. Of course, Hovey Lee also have other jewelry you can check out at her site or at tobi. OMG, she is Asian and cute! Someone introduce me~!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Runway Kit

This is called the exclusive runway kit because it is inspired by Bobbi's work on the runways of New York Fashion Week. It includes the new Runway Shimmer Brick Eye Palette ($40 by itself, see below), a silver metal compact featuring ten sheer, pure pearl eye shadows; a sparkling Pink Crystal Glitter Lip Balm; and mini Eye Shadow and Lip Brushes, and they come all in a silver clutch.

And that's not all~~~. It is Limited Edition, a great marketing technique where you limit the quantity you manufacture (less supply) in order to create a seemingly greater demand for the product. Hey, I'm not saying that's necessarily bad. Bobbi Brown does come out with amazing cosmetics, and the eye colors here are very pretty too. In fact, the Shimmer Brick Eye Palette is on back order, thus proving some aspect of the high demand insinuation. In other words, the Runway Kit is very good value for your money. Nice going, Bobbi Brown.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bottega Veneta Top Handle Leather Bag

So I'm biased. Bottega Veneta is number one woven bag company in my books because of all its quality and softness. And this is another bag from them that scored big with me. This is a blue leather bowling bag with pleated ruffle detailing. Two handles, zip across the top to fasten (some people need this), and a zipped pouch on the inside. Shape is classic and simple, like a LV speedy bag. However, the waves created by the pleated ruffles are seductive in a Spanish sort of way. The bag is very ladylike, and the sophisticated blue color makes it have amazing character. For those who question the reason for a high price tad on Bottega Veneta's bags, they are not simply a few woven pieces constituting a bag. The value is in the intricacy and detail, the high quality and suppleness, and the style that would last forever.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Cavalli Swarovski Framed Logo Dial Bracelet Watch

JC Stud - Swarovski Framed Logo Dial Bracelet Watch

chibi often says not to bother with costume watches (the counter part of costume jewelry~). That is, watches that are anything less than an Audemars Piguet or Patek Phillippe, because he's the kind of man that cares about the quality of his watch and whether there is a Chronograph or a Tourbillon in his watch.

Me, I just like them pretty. I mean, good quality watches are very pretty. They show you the insides of the watch and all the mechanics are very exciting. But sometimes I just want pretty in the jewelry sense. So correct me if I am wrong, but AP and PP just doesn't do watches like the one here from Just Cavalli. It looks a little Victorian in gold. And it works like a bracelet, not a watch. So sue me if it's not a "real watch" as chibi would put it.

In other news, Roberto Cavalli is getting sue for speaking badly of Itteire, the licensing company that produces Just Cavalli and just went into bankruptcy last month. Roberto cancelled his Just Cavalli show last month and gave a private viewing to select editors instead because of Itteire's bankruptcy.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Michael Kors is a Patriot

I just wanted to point out that Michael Kors is a patriot. Not only because Michelle Obama wore his sleeveless sheath dress for her official White House portrait in February 2009. But because he wisely designs in "Primary Colors".

Nope, not the common Red, Blue, and Green used in CRT displays, and not even the Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow in printing. After all, primary colors are simply an arbitrary set of colors that can be combined to make a useful range of colors.

For Michael Kors, that means Red, Blue, and White (the United States of America's flag colors). Tell me that isn't patriotic. To name these colors "primary" is almost to say that "My country comes first; USA is first and foremost in my mind when I design". Plus, this set of colors turns out to be very useful for him (well, he sells these things, right?).

By the way, white is actually a color obtained by summing all the usual primary colors. So I guess Michael Kors didn't really mean "primary colors" literally, except maybe, these colors could be primary in that every wardrobe should have them. Good job pointing out that your products are essential in people's wardrobe, Michael. In the end, this is probably just another marketing scheme to bring attention to already-been-designed products by picking out all the red items, blue items, and white items, in order to fit the theme created by Mrs. O wearing his dress. Or it could be that Michael Kors is really truly a patriotic American at heart. Or it could be both. Hey, there is no wrong in wanting more money and recognition while loving your country.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pink Louboutins

I'm still in the mood for pink! Oh, pretty in pink~~~ What can I do? I was deprived of pink during my boyish, "dark" youth. You know what I mean.

Christian Louboutin Platform Cage Sandal $995.00
(Resort '09)

These Louboutin platforms are in a perfect shade of pink, don't you think? They are so easy to wear in the spring, perfectly paired with Lanvin's Happy Partage Bag in pink ($1,760)... Honestly, I would wear these with skinny jeans, black thighs, boyfriend jeans, ANYTHING!!! It would be THE thing to draw people's eyes to me. Such a happy pink!

When I first set eyes on these platforms, I thought it was patent because of the happy pink. But Louboutin did well using crepe satin instead, making the shoe less costumey, because patent would be much too obvious. Just thought I would mention it.

Well, this one just demands attention, doesn't it? Just so you know, Loubotin has a Fringe Cutout Boot that cost $1,695.00, and their regular suede pumps only cost around $795. So essentially, the Spring version is more expensive by $300 (38%) because of the pink dye job and added fringes.

Don't you just LOVE how these big fashion names do their accounting (in particular, their price setting)? Anyway, I can't pretend to know what to pair these with. Possibly a dress, or black shorts. In any case, I can't wait to see some celeb pull this off.

If you hated both shoes above, there is still this:

and this:

and if you are ever worried about finding the right pink accessory to go with your pink shoes, then try this:

or this:

All from Christian Louboutin.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Chic Eco Clutches at $50 each

Raw Bags Bamboo Block Clutch - Burgundy & Yellow $50 each

Raw Bags Green Bamboo Cube Clutch $50
Also Available in Black, Brown, and Yellow

I'm all for environmentally friendly bags, and I think these bamboo clutches from Raw Bags are really cute, but here's a question... Wouldn't it be even better for the environment, if I bought less bags, use the bags I have more fully, and reduce the amount of STUFF in this world? Sure, that would be bad for the economy, which makes the current recession even worse, but theoretically, it does make sense to just acquire less and USE LESS.

Anyway, I know that this has been the argument of my friend S.K. and E.C. when I was talking about recognizing fashion designers for doing eco-friendly things. For them, that was all just for show and a mere marketing tactic. And I do agree for the most part, except I also understand that because people nowadays would not stop consuming, it is actually more effective to use marketing tactics to create fashion trends for eco-friendly items than to bring about the reduction of use. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I haven't lost my rational mind even after immersing myself in fashion news. It IS better to buy less, and use what you've got. But if you find yourself needing to buy something to wear/use, consider eco-friendly items. While you are at it, cook your meals from scratch with in-season food from local farmer's market. Turn off the lights when you don't use them. Work with LEED companies and Energy Star appliances.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vans does Swimwear!!!

Vans has always made great shoes, both sporty and chic. Now they've expanded their repertoire to swimwear!

Never underestimate a good black one-piece swimsuit! It will make you feel so very confident and sexy in your skin~...This one is a tie-back halter with cut-outs all over. How cute. Almost inviting the arms around the waist, don't you think?

Reversible Bikini Top $30
(Matching Reversible Bikini Bottom $32)

WOOooo...if there is anything I love more than cuteness is VALUE FOR MONEY. Getting a reversible bikini is a great way to get two swim suits at the price of one. There is this one in blue (green pattern on the other side), and there is another one in black (black and white prints on the other side). This is cute AND value for money, sweet!

All in all, I thought Vans did a decent job with their new swimwear. Except for the suspender bikini bottom that I just don't understand, everything else is sporty, sexy, and cute. Vans swimwear is also very basic and wearable, not overly adorned with hardware piece that can be uncomfortable when swimming or playing in the water.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vanessa Bruno Double Layer Blouse - A Shout-Out and Happy Birthday to J.L.

This is simply a shout out to chibi's + my friend, J.L., who likes Vanessa Bruno, and looks amazing in white. Really, it's true! She was a news anchor and looks like a movie star~~~. Anyway, J.L., this Vanessa Bruno double layer blouse ($620) would look great on you. Hope you're having a good time, whatever you're doing~! And I know it's a few hours early, but it should be your birthday in Taiwan now, so Happy Birthday!!!

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