Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Morgane Le Fay Dresses: My New Obsession

Above from S/S'10

Above from F/W'09

Above from S/S'09

Above from F/W'08

Morgane Le Fay's LA store is just a few blocks down the street of Montana from where I live in Santa Monica. Its walls are minimalistic, yet there is a unmistakable sense of posh and luxury holding up the tall glass window display. I had always driven or walked past without venturing in. Finally, I went in last Thursday because that was the last day of the Morgane Le Fay's trunk show where everything in-store was 15% off and Spring/Summer 2010 items can be pre-ordered.

While extremely amused by the whimsy and sometimes peculiar short dresses and tops in the front of the store, I was most interested in looking at the long ivory gowns in the back of the store to see if there is anything suitable for my wedding next year. I found two beautiful silk gowns that were possible candidates. One had razor thin straps, a gauzey tie-around ribbon on the bodice, and a long skirt with ruffled details throughout. The other was actually black but the store attendant assured me that their New York SoHo factory can make one in ivory for me. It was strapless, had a tiny clingy bodice, and a layered skirt with a satin-like material peeking out from under. The first was $4,800+ and the latter was $2,800+.

Oh, how I adored them!~ Their skirts were full-bodied due to the crinoline underneath and they successfully induced princess dreams for me. And one more tidbit. THE CRINOLINE IS DETACHABLE!!! That did it for me, because in my imagination, they will look even better without the crinoline and the idea of a wedding dress I can wear again was EXTREMELY appealing to the practical side of me.

In short, I fell in love. I didn't dare put them on, for fear I would fall deeper in love. See, the thing about Morgane Le Fay dresses is, they are not the traditional kind of wedding dresses where a sense of grandeur and otherwise immaculate structure rules the day. Morgane Le Fay dresses, on the other hand, are wistful and floaty. They throw caution to the wind, never once apologising for their austere form. It is almost like they were made for ancient nymphs who simultaneously celebrate worldly beauty and break through all earthly illusions. Essentially, I could not possibly wear these dresses to my wedding because I don't have the confidence to convince my elders of this unconventional choice.

(P.S. Morgane Le Fay uses a very unique and high quality crinoline that feels just a little bit like bubble wrap. Ok, it's nothing like bubble wrap, which I love to play with, but it IS light and smoochy, for a lack of a better word. You should definitely check these crinoline out.)

Sigh~. 'Twas not meant to be. My heart can only fill itself with longing while I peruse the galore of dresses on Morgane Le Fay's website.

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Cooper Building Sample Sale Standout: Grai

Last Thursday, Sabrina from SABOshop took me around Cooper Building where she used to work. The Cooper Building in downtown LA is a snobby building full of fashion houses that usually turn their noses up at buyers without formidable purchasing power. We were able to roam the place and scour the goods last Thursday because the eM Production Sample Sale was happening. In fact, there was a number of other sample sales happening in the Cooper Building since a lot of designers synchronize their sample sales to be around the same time in order to get rid of leftover inventory.

Things were cheap, as they always are at sample sales and we wondered to ourselves how anyone could buy things at retail prices after visiting sample sales like this. Everything was cash only and they were cheaper than the online sample sale sites (as an incentive for you to drive there and buy things, I guess).

All in all, there was only one noteworthy name that lingered within my memory cells after I left the building. That name is Grai. Its collection was one of the three new lines that walked down the runway at the Los Angeles Theatre during the Gen Art Showcase back in March this year. The Gen Art showcase is for up and coming designers and it is a part of the 2009 Fashion Week done by arts collective, BOXeight.

Introductions aside, Grai made an impression on me amidst the jungle of clothing because Maya Yogev (its creator) used very touchable leather with fascinating expertise. The leather was supple and soft so it hangs beautifully in the case of a jacket and hugs comfortably in the case of miniskirt and strapless minidress (though I didn't try them on). Yes, even if these were past season creation, these leather things were so wondrous and so much cheaper than retail (they were only about $200+ compared to $1,000+ retail)!! However, I had forgotten to bring that much cash on me!!~ >_<~... Yes, I am an idiot. I'm definitely going to look out for Grai again next year!!! Grai jackets are available online at Madison LA.

P.S. Sabrina then brought me to Santee Alley (just around back) where fabrics and accessories of all kinds can be found. There were also mannequins with great anti-gravity butts and $9.99 jeans that look like they would fit like a glove. If you need different mix-and-match apparel items and accessories to complete your look this holiday, that's the place to go!!! (Can't believe I'm only finding out about Santee Alley now~~).


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Judith Leiber "Ritz Fizz" Silver Crystal Clutch


Can you really blame a girl for wanting and neeeeeding this? It was $2,495, but good ol' RueLaLa brought it down to $1,199 for us...Top of my wishlist...If only someone would buy it for me...*wink wink wink*

*deep breath*

Being an EXTREMELY RATIONAL SHOPPER, I have to explain to you why I must have this clutch:

(1) It's pretty.

(2) It has a thin, optional silver-tone chain to sling it on your shoulder to free up your hands.

(3) It has various sizes of hand-applied clear and grey Austrian crystals. Not your usual one size, one color repetition across the entire bag deal. UNIQUE! Plus the mix adds texture.

(4) Approximately 8.5in wide x 4in high x 1.5in deep, It is big enough to hold a designer lip gloss, credit cards, tissues, and a slim digital camera. Also, it has a back slit pocket in the interior back wall. Look at the seductive lines on that slit pocket. MMmmmm

I am convinced. Are you?

At the time of posting, there is only ONE left in the RueLaLa sale...

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Superwoman's Sheer Cape Dress

So I worked the entire day at home today. Washed dishes, ate leftovers, washes dishes constantly, gathered dirty clothes around the house, did four rounds of laundry, lined the bed, cleaned outside porch furniture, dumped trash, organized the many rooms, watched the Frost/Nixon movie, sent out post, received mail and packages, returned tons of email, chatted friends up, helped cousin research iPhone prices, cooked rice and warmed up dinner, helped make potatoes croquettes, recruited a model for a photoshoot, and planned my long trip of sample sales to go to tomorrow.

I AM EXHAUSTED!!! But I do feel a little like superwoman. Anyway, I saw this Black Hawk Sheer Cape Dress for $91 (was $229) at HauteLook, and I thought, "how fitting"! That is, if I ever wanted to strut my superwoman status (albeit in an inconspicuous way), this dress would be perfect, with its cape and everything~. It doesn't even look costume-y at all. Haaa, you've got to hand it to me for making these connections, eh?

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All Sequin Apparel - will you be wearing it?

It's one thing to have some sequin worked into the shoulder or the neckline or some parts of a skirt. It's another thing all together to have sequins EVERYWHERE. With all-sequin apparel, the bling factor is out of this world, and you have to be ready to shine. But if done right, it is a beautiful and wearable trend. Let's see if I can convince you.

First of all, we have celebrities in sequin minis. Make it look easy to wear, doesn't it?

Alice + Olivia Sequin Keyhole Dress in Forest as seen on LAUREN CONRAD

Free People Sequin Skirt in Black as seen on MILEY CYRUS

With Lauren Conrad (top picture), the key with wearing a sequin dress is to keep everything else simple. Hair pulled back into a no-fuss bun, nude lips, and toned-down jewelry all keep the alice+olivia sequin dress as the focus of the outfit (as it should be), and do not overload onlookers. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, had a lot more going on in terms of accessories. This is acceptable because she chose a simple white tank to go with her Free People sequin mini (which can convert into a tube top). The way a sequin miniskirt goes, the bling peeks out and grab people's attention, and then the attention starts drifting to other details in the outfit. So you can just replace the sequin mini with whatever mini you used to wear and go about as usual with an updated and fashionable look.

Not convinced yet? Here are some more examples of beautiful dresses, skirts, leggings, vests, and jackets with sequins to seduce your senses...

LaROK Social in Sequin Dress

Alice + Olivia Sequin Leggings as seen in Vogue Magazine

Fine, this last one is really just a splattering of sequins, but it's really cute and it's on sale now. Well, are you convinced yet?

What are some of your concerns for wearing an all-sequin apparel out?

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