Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I have one of the most amazing, capable, driven, and superman dad on earth and thanks to him, I've had a very comfortable life. So of course, I would like to do something for him this Father's day! Unfortunately, my dad has fallen ill with a cough, sore throat, and a fever. Sigh~ this is what happen when you keep going without resting!!

In any case, I want to share in honor of Father's day some great gift options that won't break your bank.

Kenneth Cole Reaction - Make It Last (Grey Leather) - Footwear
Kenneth Cole Reaction - Make It Last (Grey Leather) - $27.95 (was: $120)

You can now get select Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals/shoes from 6pm for only $27.95. Amazing price for a handsome leather shoe!

Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer, Gray

Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer, Gray - $16.99 (was:$39.95)

Wahl Comb n' Cut Grooming Kit -9288-200

Wahl Comb n' Cut Grooming Kit - $14.99 (was:$49.99)

Get a nose-trimmer and grooming kit so that Daddy can maintain that clean, respectable look to go with his polo shirts! This is a must!



Well, if you find those gifts too cheap, it should be easy to grab a polo shirt or something from James Perse, the house of comfortable and high-quality basics that men can wear for years to come.

Ettinger Billfold Wallet

Bentley Ettinger Billfold Wallet - $195

A wallet to replace dad's old wallet is always a good option for father's day gift. If your dad has an edge to him that he usually doesn't show, surely a handsome wallet with brightly colored insides will excite him (albeit secretly).

Leather Goggles

Bentley Leather Goggles $185

I had to post this last one up for kicks. I don't know any dads that would actually use leather googles, of course. But if you are the type that want gifts to be fun and memorable instead of everyday and practical, then perhaps something like this would be perfect for your dad!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Calvin Klein Threesome Billboard

Well, technically, there were four people in the new Calvin Klein billboard found all over New York. But one male was asleep on the floor and only three were sandwiched in topless action. The threesome on the couch is certainly attention-grabbing~~. I wonder if it's better with two girls and one guy instead, but that's beside the point. Apparently, some people like these billboards which border on pornography, while others felt that CK went too far.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. Those models look young. I sure hope this is not educating our next generation of youngsters to participate in sexual group activities with no regards to (1) safety, (2) responsibility, (3) other good old-fashion values (like trustworthiness, loyalty, and respect).

Calvin Klein is known for its provocative, sexy advertising including the campaign that propelled Kate Moss into stardom in the early 90's. Hmmm, honestly, I don't hate the image. Perhaps I'm one of the multitude of people who had been desensitized to such sexually overt images. I'm fully aware that sex sells. And I also hope that, one day, good old fashion values can translate into visual images and sell products too.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Where are all the pretty shoes?

Picture: Resort 2010 Louis Vuitton (

Here's a question I want to post. I know that Louis Vuitton has A-MAY-ZING shoes (because Marc Jacobs is crazy and cool like that), but why can't I ever find any of them in LV stores (in US and Canada)?

My friend, G. L., said that she had seen beautiful LV shoes in Paris and London stores. How unfair is that? Basically, fashionistas are restricted by their environment, which should come as no surprise. It's hard to be involved in fashion when you live in a slow sub-urban area. Thankfully, for internet-savvy people, their "environment" includes that of the limitless virtual environment. For the fashion exposure we get online, I'm extremely grateful.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pretty in Pink: Necklaces from David Aubrey

ideeli is having a David Aubrey sale and these necklaces are soooo pretty. The first one caught my eye and the second one stole my heart. I've once again fallen into a desperate state of indecision. As the pictures show, the necklaces are great against black and grey (both neutral colors), which means you can count on them to pull together lots of different basic outfits. I want them both!

In fact, there is also a Chiana sale at ideeli, where I see lots of pretty tops and layered dresses that would look AMAZING with the necklaces above. Oh, what guilty pleasures...

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chanel new shade of nail polish

Chanel nail polish. Frenzy-inducing. Long line of cult favorites.

But of course! And I can vouch for it!

BeautyTamaki may have tried to convince me (in 2007) that Chanel nail lacquer is better than most, but I held a healthy amount of skepticism. When I saw a Blue Satin Chanel lacquer at my friend A.H.'s place during a sleepover, I simply had to try it. It went on smooth as silk and was extremely forgiving (for shaky application). I was impressed. One coat was all it took to make my nails look professionally manicured. My blue nails looked awesome, so I stopped applying. Yes, I was too lazy to put on top coat. Happily, I went on the first day with perfect nails, but within three days, the polish chipped terribly. It was a sad story of how it is a good idea to put at least two coats of color and a top coat for long-lasting nail color. DUH, right?

Nevertheless, I can now vouch for BeautyTamaki's statement that nail polish from Chanel is of the highest quality. Indeed, the internet vibe of longtime fashionistas can't be wrong.

News is, Chanel will be coming out with a limited-edition lacquer in October, and it will be in a milky shade of green called Jade. How fitting~ I feel soothed and fortunate already. The shade is from Chanel's Fall'09 collection and will be accompanied by a Jade Rose shade.

Jade Rose. It'll probably be gorgeous and bursting with femininity. I am drooling with imagination already.

My friend, A.H., who helped pop my Chanel cherry with her Blue Satin lacquer, loves green. I'm wondering how happy she is with this news.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Emma Watson face in Burberry Campaign

I'm, of course, a huge fan of Hermione. But when I saw these pictures, I literally drooled. I wanted to buy Burberry so badly now! Look at how edgy and modern and sleek and British Emma looks!!! She is only 19 so I'm glad she doesn't look like this ALL the time (because that would be too much eye-makeup for everyday). Nevertheless, she looks like perfection itself in these campaign, so I have to say that Burberry did something point-on right this time. Emma is wearing Burberry's forthcoming autumn/winter 2009/10 collection in the campaign, which was shot by celebrated fashion photographer Mario Testino. Set in Westminster (central London), creative director Christopher Bailey (from Yorkshire) wanted to convey the rich, historic part of London as well as the modernity of the brand. I'll say, WELL DONE, MATE~ well done.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Jerome Dreyfuss Franky Bag in Python

While shopping at Beverly Center with my dear friends A.H and A.H. (lol~ they have the same initials), we went into the store called Traffic, where expensive and branded designer things abound. In the store display, there was an alligator clutch in tealish grey (I forgot the designer) and it looked very much like the Carlo Falchi alligator clutch except it isn't oversized and the skin is much more matte instead of glazed. Since I forgot the name of the designer, I can't find a picture to post, but if you're in the area, you should check it out because it is soo delectable. Costs ~$1,600 at Traffic.

Anyway, what was inside the store was just as wonderful, if not more so!! Inside, I found Alexander Wang's one-shoulder RED dress, and you know how much I love RED. In the bags section, my eyes fell prey to a huge bag from Jerome Dreyfuss made out of python and I literally pounced on it to feel it up (call it a fetish). I found a not-so-perfect picture of the Franky bag (see above) and for a closer view of the python, Jerome Dreyfuss Twee bag (see below) is a good reference. The Franky bag in Python is only about $2,600 for a big bag at 21" by 10" by 1". The usual leather versions of the Franky costs only ~$880 but python skin makes the bag so much more wonderful!

As you can see above, the Franky bag has straps worked into the top of the bag like a belt, so that you can pull the straps up to use as a handle like in the top picture where it is hanging in the window. Otherwise, you can also fold the Franky bag down and strap it on your arm or over your body with the shoulder strap, so that you get more of a hipster feel. Somehow, the Franky in grey python drew unexplainable fondness from me. The design is relatively simple, but changeable enough to have fun with. I'm simply unable to forget it. I hope no one buys it and it goes on sale, so that I can get it at a discount (though the price is rather reasonable for such a big python bag already).

P.S. It just so happens BagSnob and Purseblog have both wrote about Jerome Dreyfuss's black bags lately. Honestly, I haven't taken much notice of the french designer until now. If you want to see more of Jerome Dreyfuss bags, his website is in french, so it might be a bit hard to navigate for those who don't know the language. You can also watch this video (also in french), but it showcases the bags, so you can have visuals.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

LV and Takashi Murakami 2nd collaboration

Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami are doing it again. Their first collaboration was during the spring-summer 2003 season. This time, the lively Superflat monograms are back again and I'm filled with anticipation. To whet your appetite, Murakami has created a film animation to follow his Superflat Monogram film from 2003. The new film is dubbed the Superflat First Love (you'll see why by watching it here!).

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last Day Footwear Sale at Charlotte Russe

Today is the last day to buy any one of Charlotte Russe Footwear and get $10 off the second one.

Also, this is the last week that Charlotte Russe is offering an online exclusive discount. You will save 15% site-wide. To get this discount, you have to click through one of the picture/text link in this post and use the coupon code: AFF15PCT at checkout.

I went into a Charlotte Russe store at the Desert Hills outlet and tried on many of their tall heels shoes thinking that they would be terrible for wearing, but they actually felt reasonably comfortably!! I'm not sure if it is because I only had them on for a couple of minutes, but considering how cheap these shoes are, I really don't mind getting two or three or four pairs of them~~...

Strappy Slingback Platforms

Strappy Slingback Platforms $32.99

I tried this pair on in store and was reallllllly tempted to buy it then and there, but I knew I would get a better deal online. Now, I am struggling to find other reasons to hold off on the purchase. After all, how many pairs of shoes do I really need?

Woven Platforms

Woven Platforms $29.99

Woven Strappy Stilettos

Woven Strappy Stilettos $39.99

And don't forget to check out the dresses. The shirt dress below goes sooo well with the woven strappy stilettos above.

I've been looking for a scarf dress for ever. This red one is really calling out to me because red is my favorite color, of course.

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