Thursday, July 24, 2008

7 for all mankind jeans half off at Revolve

Here's a 7 for all mankind super-flare jeans to fawn over. From the original price of $180, it is now $90 and in a soft ashy color that I looovve. You can find lots of other premium jeans at huge discounts at REVOLVEClothing. If you type COUPON CODE: JT during checkout, you will get further discounts. They have free shipping for most brands to US and Canada. Unfortunately, 7 for all mankind is the only brand they don't do international export on, so you have to be in the States. In addition to free shipping and free returns, they also have additional discounts for first time customers. Email for a first-time customer discount code. All these information come courtesy from beautytamaki's youngest sister!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who is Alessandro Dell'Acqua?

So here's the story. I was browsing sale items on Gilt Groupe again (because I'm cheap at heart) and I saw Alessandro Dell'Acqua for sale. You couldn't really call me a fashionista so a lot of designer names are simply greek to me (in this case, Italian).

So here I am, browsing, and I see an impressive form-fitting, flattering jersey knit cami dress (bottom right of the picture collage). Then my eyes move to the sale price: $498. Ouch! Not cheap. What about the original retail price? $1,525. My eyes popped. WOW. How in the name of *beep* could a jersey knit cami dress cost that much? The price tag makes me want to run back to, where I belong. To add further insult to my injuries, the jersey knit dress is SOLD OUT! Whoever bought the dress must be one of those people who believe in getting what they want, no matter how much it costs.

So who is Alessandro Dell'Acqua and why are his dresses sold at top fashion houses' prices? As you can see from the picture collage, his clothes have been draped on many hollywood stars' beautiful bodies.

From top left corner, Eva Mendes on Vogue Italia May 2008, Charlize Theron on GQ UK July 2008, Lindsay Lohan on Vanity Fair, Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna on Elle UK April 2006, and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in Sex and the City Movie.

The brand started when Dell'Acqua showed his first prêt-à-porter collection at Milan Moda Donna in 1996. After that, Dell'Acqua has been creating both women's and men's collections, shoes, fragances, and eyewear. His men's clothes are very lean and Italian, while his women's clothes are celebrated for their sexy textures and forms. Conveniently, NYmag says it all.

If you wanted, you can find Dell'Acqua on Madison Ave in New York, or on racks in big department stores. *IF* you wanted.

Back to my shock-filled introduction, I was slightly soothed by the kick-ass fabric combinations and form-fitting silhouettes found in Dell'Acqua's clothes. FINE, many of his clothes are worth that much money, even IF I've never heard of him.

But $1,525 for a jersey knit cami dress?


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Francesco Biasia Meg Bag

While prowling the streets of Tokyo in the summer, I found that straw bags are very in. At least they are in fitting with the sweet, peasant style that Japanese people love so very much. Straw bags of all shapes, colors, and sizes can be found popping up on the arms of many women.

Then, I saw Francesco Biasia's Meg Bag ($318) on Forzieri. Rounder than a Spy bag, the Meg satchel utilizes orchid pink woven straw to create its cute, wearable look. At first look, the material really doesn’t look like woven straw, which gave me quite a thrill. What surprised me even more is how eco-leather is used for the chocolatey straps and handles.

As you can probably guess, no animal has to die to produce eco-leather, which is made from 80% cotton and 20% synthetic micro-fibre. Now why doesn’t more designers use this leather? One reason could be pricing and how that affects branding. Eco-leather is around 35% cheaper than normal leather, and for some people, using it is like embossing exotic skin patterns on leather, simply fake. Thus, eco-leather may not necessarily reflect luxury and prestige. Big designer houses may not want to touch it. Then again, straw has had a really good "in" year, and despite the relative low cost of the material, designers such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and Cole Hann have all come out with straw clutches in the past season.

I guess somebody somewhere has to decide that eco-leather is really fashionable and cool before it will be utilized more often. So if you need a reason to purchase a slightly pricey straw bag, get the Meg Bag and think of it as a matter of reflecting your values and spreading an eco-trend!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Cheap Manolas!

Oh my god, I've been wanting a pair of nude pumps forever. Personally, I love ankle straps and Mary Janes straps for the extra stability and reduced friction against the back of the shoe. AND I want Manolas. On sale, these nude open-toe Mary Janes (Was: 645, Now: $484) are perfect in so many ways. Indeed, they were even suggested as a part of Carrie Bradshaw's flowery ensemble in the Sex and the City Movie. Alas, a tempest strikes. These Manolas run small so I should get them in size 38... ... ...which Bergdorf does not have!?! NOOOOoooooOOOooooooo~~...

Well, if I can't have them, I will at least share them. Get them while you still can. And well, good luck...

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Japan – Asia’s treasure trove of electronics

Needless to say, chibi and I are both fans of Japan. The cleanliness of the streets, the fact that a very high percentage of girls wear high heals, and the myriad of electronics you can find in that country are all very pleasing elements for us. During our recent trip there, I fell victim of the late night shopping channel and bought this awesome machine at Bic Camera in Shinjuku, one of the places we frequented.

Soie ES2067 is the top of the line in a series of hair removers from National, Panasonic that uses a pinching mechanism to pull out your leg or arm hair. As you can see from the photo, there is not one, but THREE heads with the pinching mechanism. (This is not unlike Philips Philisave Triple Head Shavers.) When it is turned on, each head rotates 360 degrees in its spot. At the same time, the three heads are spinning around, constantly in rotation. If you want to use a non-spinning one-header, there is also an exchangeable one-head pincher, as well as a shaver head, for all the different motions you might want out of your machine. It costs around $170 USD and comes in white and gold.

I found that while my leg hairs are not 100% removed after using Soie, it is a very painless (albeit, prickly) and fun machine to use. First of all, it is completely waterproof and if you put soap in the spinning heads, you will get foam to better remove your hairs with. Whenever I shave with a sharp and effective blade, I never fail to hurt myself at every awkward angle and end up with scars. Moreover, liquid hair dissolvers are too unpredictable and unusable for me. With Soie, I can now remove my hair as often as I want without any mess of bandaids and scars. Perhaps my legs will regain the same glory it once had one day!!

Soie is not yet available in North America as far as I know. But you can try to find it online in Taiwan.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Quai D'Orsay - Provencal Printed Satin and Leather Sandal Shoes

I can't help falling in love...with this gorgeous pair of shoes from Quai D'Orsay ON SALE (Now: $153, Was: $219) at Forzieri. Aside from being colorful and sweet, the floral pattern escapes the easy trap of being gaudy and brings to one's feet a feminine touch. I would love to have the delicate satin carress my feet. Unfortunately, there is only sizes 4.5 US and 6 US left to be sold. *sob*

Well, never heard of Quai D'Orsay? They are found online mostly at, which brings lots of quality Italian goods to the convenience of your fingers. Quai D'Orsay is an Italian shoe designer and NO, his designs are not limited to D'Orsay shoe types.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jill Stuart Sunglasses – Ribbons and Crystal - Jewelry for your whole wardrobe

We’ve already posted twice about Jill Stuart’s cosmetic line. Specifically, we drooled over her oh-so-desirable blush and eye shadow compacts, which Jill Stuart termed as “make-up jewelry”. Now, we are proud to present our new Jill Stuart purchase during our two-weeks trip to Japan: Jill Stuart sunglasses!!

As you can see from our loving photos, my new sunglasses have a ribbon embedded into one of its sides and a crystal dotting the discreet ‘Jill’ embellishment at the top right corner of one of its lens. Other JS sunglasses that we saw had a crystal highlighting a ribbon embellishment instead. How cute, ladylike, and quaint!

I’m convinced that these sunglasses will look great on anybody. With only 1% of UV rays passing through, they are comparable to brands like Dior and D&G. The mischievous MOD features make the sunglasses stand out without using any of the metallic or posh details that many brands are going for right now. Who cares if it’s made in China? As with JS’s cosmetic jewelry line, these sunglasses define a sense of ornate simplicity that cannot be rivaled by over-the-top sheen. Jill Stuart stores can only be found in USA and Japan, so remember to look out for them!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lace Overlay Blouse on sale at

Nina Ricci's Lace Overlay Blouse is on sale for $347, almost one third of its original price ($990). Still rather steep for just a top, but it's a gorgeous top for those who love color, see-through fabric, lace, and ribbons.

Sex and the City fans out there may be boycotting Nina Ricci because of their fiasco with getting Sarah Jessica Parker to wear what was claimed to be a never-been-worn gown to the international premieres of the SATC movie in New York. Oliver Theyskens, who designed the silver dress for Nina Ricci, led SJP to believe that the dress was exclusive despite the fact that he accompanied socialite Lauren Santo Domingo in the very same dress to the Met Ball just a month before that. Plus, Lindsay Lohan also wore the same dress in a Disney advertising campaign months ago. While Mario Grauso, Nina Ricci President, implied that the fib was really not a fib because Domingo, who works at Vogue magazine and is married to a Columbian billionaire, is not an A-lister. Whatever. If I were SJP, I would be beating myself up for not taking Chanel's offer of a gown plus a $200,000 sponsorship.

Well, even if Nina Ricci is gaining from the publicity right now, people will eventually forget or not care, and make purchases of their products for their quality and design. But right now, if you get the blouse, you not only get it at a huge discount, you also get a dinner conversation topic with it.

Vivre is known to be the peddler of bold, colorful items. It is now having a sale (up to 60% off) on their summer items.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

YSL Besace Shoulder Bag

I received a Neiman Marcus email newsletter recently. Its subject said "Yves Saint Laurent: The new must-have handbag".

Hmm. Really!? The bag in question is the YSL Besace Shoulder Bag. It came out in treated distressed leather (bronze or gold) earlier this year, but the new fall version is made out of crocodile stamped nubuck leather, in anthracite, dark brown, and red brown. The goldtone hardware, size, front flap, and adjustable strap all remained the same, but fall's darker color and embossed crocodile skin pattern injects a sense of rugged luxury that is entirely different from the bohemian chic in the summer version. The price difference? Just one hundred dollars more for the almost-exotic look($1,995).

I have to say that I was attracted to this bag despite my general dislike of women carrying messenger bags... ...

(This is a messenger bag regardless of the strategic misnomer.) I love women carrying glamorous clutches or feminine shoulder bags, and I only tolerate messenger bags on punky girls. The reason is simply that messenger bags are too often manly, and they too easily overpower a girl's softness. Here too, even though the front flap and great size makes the YSL Besace a bag that's comfortable and easy-to-use, I wonder if it is too hard for a woman's femininity.

The ad poster does a great job of persuading me to put aside my prejudice though. It makes me think that all that is needed to carry off a strong messenger bag is a strong, confident girl with a great sense of style. THEN AGAIN, how many woman can compare to a beautiful professional model with a director of photography who makes sure that the woman and the bag appears in their best complementary states? I know I can't.

In any case, despite my mixed feelings, I can't bring myself to hate this messenger bag. Yet, I wouldn't think of it as a must-have bag. Don't agree with me? Leave a comment and enlighten me.

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