Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deep U Bra from Arianne

The deep U bra from Arianne is on sale at Beyond the Rack right now for only $19 (it retails for $40). Very reasonable price for a bra that will come in useful for many deep V necklines. Of course, there is always the Nu-Bra but there are some of us who feels great insecurity from a stick-on bra. Also, I simply like the extra layer of cloth between me and the world (especially in crowded places where I might have to boob-graze people >_<~). Anyhow, if you do not want to buy this off online because all bras should be tried on before buying, go to Arianne's website and find store locations all over America.

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TopSecret has Ruffled Boleros and John Meyer Skirt Suit

I don't know who John Meyer is...but this skirt suit looks great. And $69 means it's $35 for the jacket and $35 for the pencil skirt. And it's red. Perfect!!!

Honestly, you can never find a good bolero when you need it, so stock up when you can. The Kische sale at TopSecret has boleros for only $29. During my eventful Seattle outlet trip with the Fishee and her family last summer, Fishee's mom was looking to buy a bolero to buy and we simply couldn't find a good one for her. Now, I'm wondering if these ruffled ones would strike her fancy. If it were up to me, I would get the bolero in twilight (purple). It's a wonderful color for Fall!!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Shoes Orgy from S/S'09

Proenza Schouler


Nina Ricci

Miu Miu


Jill Sander

Isabel Marant






Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Which ones are your favorites? And more interestingly, which would you wear? (Compare these to shoes from last season's Paris runway shoes.)

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Absolute LOVE for DvF LACE

While no one does lace like Christian LaCroix, the french couturier had to file for bankruptcy in May this year, so it's fair to look to other designers for lacy wonders, wouldn't you say? After all, we can't put all our eggs in one basket.

Also earlier this year, Stella McCartney made a splash with her lacy creations at the MET gala (Kate Bosworth and Stella herself were dressed in lace by Stella), and now everyone wants Stella McCartney's lace goodies~! I myself was very impressed by the dress Kate Bosworth wore, which was otherwise rather plain except for the oh-so-delicate lace topping it off.

Today, I found yet another lustworthy lace dress, this time from Diane von Furstenberg!! Well, and it helps that the lace "Hasina" dress ($325) was perfectly accessorized with a skinny belt, tights, and studded suede boots on the Bloomingdales' website. If you look closely, you'll see that the black slip that comes with the dress is really rather SHORT!!~ That may be scary for some people, but paired with tights, it's really not that revealing. This lacy dress is oozing with sexiness and is so easy to wear, I rate it high up on my wish list this holiday season!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Jackets Galore (on sale!) at Arden B.

Saw some fabulous jackets under $100 today at Arden B. and there is a buy one get one 50% off right now. How very tempting.

I have organized my faves according to trends...

Military Jackets
(great with dresses, skinny pants, and/or thigh-high boots)

Why get a normal trench when you can get a military trench coat? It gives you that much more edge and fashion-forwardness! And if a jacket can give a woman the airs of that much power and confidence, then why the hell not?

$88/$78/$58 respectively

Faux Fur Vest/Jacket
(great layering piece to transition into Fall/Winter, great for updating a basic wardrobe)

Let the faux fur speak for itself.

$98/$88 respectively

Moto Jacket - a.k.a. motorcycle jacket
(great for balancing out feminine elements in the outfit)

The metallic moto jacket will go so well with a metallic sequin party dress and killer bling stilettos. And I fantasize Megan Fox in the black moto jacket on her Transformer motorcycle and nothing else inside the jacket. SEXY~~~


(Great for pretty much everything)

Sequins and studs are on-trend details that practically makes an outfit. I love the sequined jacket and its incredible price. It puts my Zara Basic boyfriend blazer to shame. The tuxedo blazer is a crop jacket that is sleek enough to make your outfit glamorous and so-very-chic.

$58/$88/$88 respectively

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

$10 Victoria Secret cash for a lucky reader with Angel credit card!

Unbelievable, it's not mine is giving out $10 to spend at Victoria Secret (exp: Oct 31st) for a lucky reader who has a Victoria Secret Angel credit card. Perfect time to buy the right undergarments to wear with your Halloween costume!

All you have to do is leave a comment below with your email, telling me you have a current Angel credit card and which item you plan to buy before Halloween. A random drawing will decide the lucky winner on midnight of Saturday October 24th and the details will be sent right to his/her email inbox. Tell all your friends~!!


This lucky draw has ended and the lucky winner is Heather!! I hope the Flirty little sleeveless squareneck dress is awesome~.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Gilty Ranjana Khan Necklaces

I'm back! Perhaps it's rejuvenation from being back with my beau in LA, or the approach of my favorite holiday/birthday, Halloween. I'm finally back in shopping mode. I'll take pictures of my spoils and post them soon enough, and you will be jealous, I promise you!

In any case, while I bought yet again from ideeli (a pretty dress for a friend's birthday present), I am feeling all sorts of lust over these incredible costume jewelry from Gilt. Of course, they are incredibly unaffordable for someone like me who isn't pulling in income.

My favorite is this black silk charmeuse cord necklace that jumped out and grabbed me by all my goth fantasies. The necklace has three row scalloped bib with black plastic and glass bead drops. Sounds so simple, yet it's so wonderfully theatrical and gothic. It strikes my heart so fatally with its similarity to a manga/anime that I absolutely love: xxxHolic.

There are other necklaces I liked too, also from Ranjana Khan...who is Naeem Khan's wife, by the way. They are a perfect team together!

Usually, these statement pieces of jewelry would be paired with other items that are relatively simple, such as a dress, a blazer, basic separates, which makes the outfit wearable for everyday. But judging from my colorful hobby of watching manga/anime/cosplay, I continue to dream of a studio that would be stocked full of these paired with extreme dresses (full bodied Victorian and decadent Baroque styles). Of course, with no occasions to go all out and a culture that is so obsessed with not overdressing, this is impractical and will remain in the realms of dreams.

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