Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's gems

So we've all heard the theory that Valentine's day was created such that merchants can have an excuse to sell more of their products to the hordes of lovers out there. And if you are a romantic, you wouldn't care about what the conspiracy theory is, you would go ahead and find a sweet gift for your partner/spouse/gf/bf.

I was telling my little brother lately that it's so easy to buy gifts for a woman. With few exceptions, women are happy to receive bags, clothes, shoes, beauty items, chocolates, and who can forget, jewelry.

Chandelier Earrings by Simon Tu $465
Large Leaf Earrings by Philip Crangi was: $360.00 now: $180.00
Free Shipping on orders over $300 with FEBLOVE at checkout at (valid thru 2/28/09)

Big earrings help frame a girl's face. Long earrings elongates a girl's face and work best when her neck is long (obviously, because of the length). Be careful not to pair long narrow faces with overly long earrings. Choose something modern with roots in nature for chic environment-loving urbanites.

Floral Crystal and White Simulated Pearl Necklace $110 Jet Crystal Charm Necklace $35 Both from
Free shipping on all orders til Feb 8th and Free gift with $100 purchase.

A girl can never have enough necklaces and earrings and so on. Whatever your budget, you can find a pretty necklace easily. While it is easy enough to get an amulet + chain, you can put a smile on her face by choosing something girly and elaborate (not-so-plain) like the above necklaces.

Lime Turquoise Scroll Earrings $14.40
Blue and Green Turquoise Cuff Bracelet $273
Get 10% off any order by using the promo code BAR86 during checkout.

For a girl with personality, give a gift of color. My dear friend A. H. loves green, a very earthy color to wear. Blue is soothing. Yellow is forward-looking and optimistic. Red is hot. Gold is glamorous. Orange is funky and stand-out-ish. Well you get the point. Plus, stones are important. Think about the energy of the person you are giving the gem to.

New Basic Leopard Y-Necklace $110
Leopard Heart Drop Earrings With Bow $35
Asymetrical Leopard Heart Bracelet $45
Free Ground Shipping on all orders over $200.

All good things come in a complete set. Ho Ho Ho...
Well, if you want your gift to get tons of attention from others when your girl wears it, chose something that has an interesting twist, such as asymmetry in an otherwise simple piece.

Modern Paillette Earrings Was $28.00 Now $9.00
Fur And Rhinestone Necklace Was $78.00 Now $39.00
Free Shipping on all orders $75+. Use code SPRING09

Chose something with a unique design to really wow your girl. If you have a budget, look for accessories on sale.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Romance blooms with Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez Hyacinth Shirred Dress

As a continuation of my love for all things coral, I'm featuring a piece by Robert Rodriguez that will charm your man for Valentine's without trying too hard. While shopping at Bloomingdales in December, I spotted a Cherry Blossom Kimono Top by Robert Rodriguez that was so heavenly beautiful that I have been his fan since then. The Christian Dior fan and former employee creates such quality apparel with subtle details and meticulous workmanship that I can't help feeling excited when there is a sale on his item. And what a sale!! This dress is 70% off its original price! The color is already awesome, but the shirring on the side is very well-made and shows off a woman's curves perfectly. Plus you can wear this dress with a blazer and gear it for business, or turn flirt-o-meter to the max with a sheer shawl or lightweight cardigan. You know it's a good deal with a similar dress is being sold at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,675, more than 10 times the prices of the Hyacinth dress!

Check out other sale items from
. And if money is not a matter of consideration for you, then this purple dress from Robert Rodriguez would do the job as well. Your date on Valentine's is sure to drool and wish he could take you home right away.

Robert Rodriguez Dahlia Dress

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gucci Back Pack: Genius or Passè

Gucci has always been one of those brands that I don't think much of due to witnessing too many Asians carry their monogram bags with absolutely no sense of style (it is probably 2nd to LV in that respect as well as the number of imitation clones it has). Occasionally, they do have nice bags, but definitely not within these few years (chibi hates their Hysteria collection).

And what now? Gucci releases Back Packs! I can only imagine that this is in response to the number of well-received messenger bags released on the market recently (e.g., YSL Besace, Hermès Gypsy). I guess it's really not that bad considering there are interchangeable hobo straps to transform the backpack into a normal hobo. But really, is that all the new ideas they can come up with? And how dare they sell a backpack/normal hobo at such exorbitant prices ($3350 for large and $2590 for medium)?! I think Gucci has made a grotesquely wrong estimation of how much demand there isand how much money people are willing to pay for a good backpack. Looks like I won't be changing my mind about them anytime soon.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BCBG Shiny Nudes

BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Daja $167.99 (Was: $210)

Amonia Heel - Natural

BCBGirls Amonia Heel - Natural $112.99

While Angelina Jolie made wearing nude colored dresses, shoes, and make-up a trend, the whole idea of wearing nude heels to extend the length of our legs has been around for ages. Wearing skin-colored shoes are equivalent to adding inches of leg and skin from afar. I personally love Bottega Veneta's Pompei T-Strap Woven Sandals in Cream, which was found on the feet of Christy Turlington and Catherine Zeta Jones. But I find the marriage of the recent patent trend and nude color palettes truly palpitating.

The BCBGMaxaria Daja is a deceivingly simple pump with the single twist of a white curving t-strap metal embellishment on its heel. I see this pump being worn everyday or at important events. The BCBGirls Amonia Heels, on the other hand, is a highly polished, British-feeling cross between an ankle boot and strappy sandals. I was impressed by the details on the BCBG shiny nudes and thought I dedicate a post to them despite my way-too-numerous posts on shoes lately. Haha, what can I say, it's shoes!!!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lavera Organic All Natural Skincare

Lavera Skin Care originates from Germany and is known for its all natural paraben-free skin care and makeup. has good reviews of Lavera in general though the numbers of reviewers so far are very few. Considering how organic skincare is all the rave right now, I'm surprised that not more people has paid attention to Lavera. TeenVogue did have a post on Lavera's Volume Mascara ($22) and touted its ability to give your "lashes a long, sweeping, natural look that's like your own lashes, just better". With Organic Jojoba & Wild Rose Oils as ingredients, the Volume Mascara is equivalent to a mascara plus an eyelash conditioner!! Other than cosmetics, you can also get the perfect sunless tan with Lavera's all-natural self tanners, fight the signs of aging with Lavere premium anti-aging protection line., and bring out beautiful healthy looking skin with Lavera's FACES skin care line. Give it a try, you'll get free shipping with orders more than %50, and get 3 free samples from Lavera's website.


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Monday, January 26, 2009

Wonderful in White

Chic Pencil Skirt in White

I've been hunting for pencil skirts lately because I don't really have my basic colors in pencil skirts. I know from experience that white skirts are wonderful because they go with everything and look great (even though you have to take care not to splash spaghetti sauce on them). However, it is not easy to buy a white skirt, especially a figure-hugging one like a pencil skirt. Luckily, this Laundry by Design pencil skirt is elegant and thick enough to be discreet, which means that you won't have to worry about your panties showing through this cotton blend skirt. How very wonderful indeed!

Satin Dress with Lace Band in Vanilla

This is another dress I saw at that really struck my fancy. It is on sale as well, and coincidence, coincidence, it is also white. You can't really go wrong with a BCBG, but this Vanilla Satin Dress has such a classic flair to it that I couldn't help but post it here. The website rightfully describe the dress as "a new twist to old Hollywood glamor". Both the skirt and dress hit right above the knee, which is my recent criteria for practical purchases (seeing that I'm not that young anymore). Well, technically, only the pencil skirt can be considered practical here, but for those of you planning a wedding, the BCBG satin dress is PERFECT for your bridesmaids!!! Just as long as you have an even more stunning wedding dress, that is... ... ...

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rounded Toe Boots

Button Up Boot in Beige

Can you blame a girl for wanting to participate in the current shoe/boot trend but not wanting to look like everyone else? Ankle boots are still going strong and it's no wonder as they are easy to wear and edgy. Well, today, I thought I would feature some rounded toe ankle boots as they are CUTE CUTE CUTE!~ The Irregular Choice Button Up boot (3 1/4") is more proper and Victorian looking while the Tribeca in Mushroom Suede (2 3/4") is more New Yorker-ready. Their rounded toe and interesting shape will certainly stand out from the rest of the ankle boots out there!

P.S. I keep thinking that the Irregular Choice boot would go really well with Nancy Gonzalez's Matte Croc Drawstring Tote in Cocoa or Tod's Soft Resty D-Baul Bowler in Shell. Both bags are in a fabulous nude shade, which is extremely classy and lady-like. On the other hand, the Tribeca Mushroom Suede would be a perfect match with the Grey Suede Suede Jacqueline Bag by Vivre. What do you think?

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let's have a ball!~~ Disco Night 2009

Now that I am back in Vancouver for Chinese New Year, I am thinking of partying with my friends~~~. And I am wishing for stand-out items that put me in the partying mood. I saw these disco-inspired bag and shoes the other day and thought they were perfect to pair with something cute and black on a night out. I really love the curves on the Kooba Taryn clutch and that the Jessica Simpson is a Mary Jane (which makes walking in it easily!). Then I looked for more disco-inspired items and found some funky disco ball accessories made by Michele Michel, and a stunning but expensive shorts from Johnson. I like the texture and details on the shorts, but $253 is way too much for it. Thank goodness is having a 25% off all items with the coupon code 25DAY.

Michele Michel Jewelry Adjustable Hammered Dome Ring in Silver

Michele Michel Jewelry Onyx Disco Ball Earrings in Silver

Johnson Jacquard Braid Shorts in Disco Dream

Kooba Taryn Clutch

Kooba Taryn Clutch $286.30 (Was: $409)

Jessica Simpson Marci Graphite Liquid Disco $62.45

Reality strikes after the jump...

Unfortunately, Vancouver is such a comfortable and cold place that all I really want to do is to stay at home where the heater is. If I go out, all I want around my feet and legs are these warm boots (much cheaper than UGGs!) From now till Jan 31st, take $10 off $200 All Stores New Customer onlu~!

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