Monday, March 02, 2009

Ugg Australia 'Classic Tall Romantic'

"Victorian rose print updates a favorite pull-on boot crafted from supple sheepskin with a plush shearling lining that naturally wicks away moisture.

Please note: We can only sell a maximum of four units of this shoe per household."

From Nordstrom

I thought it's pretty funny that they set a four boots per household limit on these Uggs. Which household would need 4 of these? Do they need it as a uniform? A castle with fashionable maids forced to don Victorian-style clothings, perhaps? In any case, after a few minutes of looking at the Classic Tall Romantic Uggs, I actually don't hate it. It is rather interesting. Feels like a Ralph Lauren xUgg collaboration. But rest assured, my first reaction was most certainly an "UGGHH!!!!?!". And even though I don't hate it now, I certainly wouldn't buy these boots, let alone 4 pairs of them.

What do you think? Are these Uggs romantic as its name proposes, or are they UGGHH~!! ?

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