Sunday, March 01, 2009

Fendi Multicolored Python Baguette

I usually love python bags but this rainbow colors Baguette from Fendi is really quite freaky. And I mean "I think I've had too much LSD" kind of freaky. How exactly did they manage to take two of the things I like (python and Fendi's Baguette bag) and make it into this god-awful concoction, I simply do not understand. Editor at net-a-porter says that it is a "stand-out investment piece that will compliment everything from neutrals to brights". Yea, sure...if you're Sarah Jessica Parker, it will do that. After all, she made her horse-looking face work on Sex and The City, and not to mention all those strange outfits with texture, shape, and color clashes. I think I will pass on this hallucinogen and stay sane and grounded with Lanvin's Happy Partage.

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