Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pink Louboutins

I'm still in the mood for pink! Oh, pretty in pink~~~ What can I do? I was deprived of pink during my boyish, "dark" youth. You know what I mean.

Christian Louboutin Platform Cage Sandal $995.00
(Resort '09)

These Louboutin platforms are in a perfect shade of pink, don't you think? They are so easy to wear in the spring, perfectly paired with Lanvin's Happy Partage Bag in pink ($1,760)... Honestly, I would wear these with skinny jeans, black thighs, boyfriend jeans, ANYTHING!!! It would be THE thing to draw people's eyes to me. Such a happy pink!

When I first set eyes on these platforms, I thought it was patent because of the happy pink. But Louboutin did well using crepe satin instead, making the shoe less costumey, because patent would be much too obvious. Just thought I would mention it.

Well, this one just demands attention, doesn't it? Just so you know, Loubotin has a Fringe Cutout Boot that cost $1,695.00, and their regular suede pumps only cost around $795. So essentially, the Spring version is more expensive by $300 (38%) because of the pink dye job and added fringes.

Don't you just LOVE how these big fashion names do their accounting (in particular, their price setting)? Anyway, I can't pretend to know what to pair these with. Possibly a dress, or black shorts. In any case, I can't wait to see some celeb pull this off.

If you hated both shoes above, there is still this:

and this:

and if you are ever worried about finding the right pink accessory to go with your pink shoes, then try this:

or this:

All from Christian Louboutin.

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