Sunday, March 22, 2009

Michael Kors is a Patriot

I just wanted to point out that Michael Kors is a patriot. Not only because Michelle Obama wore his sleeveless sheath dress for her official White House portrait in February 2009. But because he wisely designs in "Primary Colors".

Nope, not the common Red, Blue, and Green used in CRT displays, and not even the Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow in printing. After all, primary colors are simply an arbitrary set of colors that can be combined to make a useful range of colors.

For Michael Kors, that means Red, Blue, and White (the United States of America's flag colors). Tell me that isn't patriotic. To name these colors "primary" is almost to say that "My country comes first; USA is first and foremost in my mind when I design". Plus, this set of colors turns out to be very useful for him (well, he sells these things, right?).

By the way, white is actually a color obtained by summing all the usual primary colors. So I guess Michael Kors didn't really mean "primary colors" literally, except maybe, these colors could be primary in that every wardrobe should have them. Good job pointing out that your products are essential in people's wardrobe, Michael. In the end, this is probably just another marketing scheme to bring attention to already-been-designed products by picking out all the red items, blue items, and white items, in order to fit the theme created by Mrs. O wearing his dress. Or it could be that Michael Kors is really truly a patriotic American at heart. Or it could be both. Hey, there is no wrong in wanting more money and recognition while loving your country.

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