Friday, March 20, 2009

Chic Eco Clutches at $50 each

Raw Bags Bamboo Block Clutch - Burgundy & Yellow $50 each

Raw Bags Green Bamboo Cube Clutch $50
Also Available in Black, Brown, and Yellow

I'm all for environmentally friendly bags, and I think these bamboo clutches from Raw Bags are really cute, but here's a question... Wouldn't it be even better for the environment, if I bought less bags, use the bags I have more fully, and reduce the amount of STUFF in this world? Sure, that would be bad for the economy, which makes the current recession even worse, but theoretically, it does make sense to just acquire less and USE LESS.

Anyway, I know that this has been the argument of my friend S.K. and E.C. when I was talking about recognizing fashion designers for doing eco-friendly things. For them, that was all just for show and a mere marketing tactic. And I do agree for the most part, except I also understand that because people nowadays would not stop consuming, it is actually more effective to use marketing tactics to create fashion trends for eco-friendly items than to bring about the reduction of use. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I haven't lost my rational mind even after immersing myself in fashion news. It IS better to buy less, and use what you've got. But if you find yourself needing to buy something to wear/use, consider eco-friendly items. While you are at it, cook your meals from scratch with in-season food from local farmer's market. Turn off the lights when you don't use them. Work with LEED companies and Energy Star appliances.

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