Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vans does Swimwear!!!

Vans has always made great shoes, both sporty and chic. Now they've expanded their repertoire to swimwear!

Never underestimate a good black one-piece swimsuit! It will make you feel so very confident and sexy in your skin~...This one is a tie-back halter with cut-outs all over. How cute. Almost inviting the arms around the waist, don't you think?

Reversible Bikini Top $30
(Matching Reversible Bikini Bottom $32)

WOOooo...if there is anything I love more than cuteness is VALUE FOR MONEY. Getting a reversible bikini is a great way to get two swim suits at the price of one. There is this one in blue (green pattern on the other side), and there is another one in black (black and white prints on the other side). This is cute AND value for money, sweet!

All in all, I thought Vans did a decent job with their new swimwear. Except for the suspender bikini bottom that I just don't understand, everything else is sporty, sexy, and cute. Vans swimwear is also very basic and wearable, not overly adorned with hardware piece that can be uncomfortable when swimming or playing in the water.

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