Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Japan has 3rd highest GDP in the world for a reason

It's a materialistic world in Japan. And I mean it in a good way! Look what my friend NK found at, a great shopping site in Japan. She tried on similar fur boots in Canada for $69.90 and found these BUCCIA boots for 1,980 Yen, which translates to less than $20 USD. Having a choice of color is great too! As for this 3-way bag, it is just interesting how you can use it as a clutch, a top-handle tote, and sling-over bag. Notice how there is a turnlock on the bag? When the bag is a top-handle tote, the turnlock is just there for decorations. But when you want the bag to become a clutch, you fold the bag over and fasten the handles under the turnlock strap. Voila! An interesting look clutch! And then you can add the removable shoulder straps in to make the bag an easy-to-carry bag that slings over your body. Again, the 10 choices of color never hurt anyone (except an indecisive shopper like I am)...At approximately $50 USD, this bag is a steal (though not as big a steal as the boots)!


Sunny said...

holy... I want the boots! either the gray one or the ashy one!!!
How do I get it!!!!!!????>_<

Mewer said...

@_@ I'm really sorry, Sunny. There is only LL size left for the gray. Click on the picture, it will lead you to the page selling the boots, and scroll down, right under the price 1,980 Yen is the size chart with the available sizes and its corresponding color. Chose the size and color you want (radio button), then chose the quantity (個数) you want and click on the button below the chart and beside quantity (個数) to add one of the boots to your cart. There are no longer any small sizes left!!

SarahB said...

hey !
Excuse me, do you know where can i find those shoes in a LL size ? I really want the pink ones but on the rakuten website they're out of this one and i really want them !! Can you help me please ?

Thank you

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