Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Francesco Biasia Bags are fab!

A while ago, I posted about Francesco Biasia's Meg Straw Bag, and since then Francesco Biasia has caught my eye again and again.

Navy pleated snake leather 'Uma' clutch $179.00 (Retail: $298.00)

First, the Uma clutch, which is made out of beautiful navy pleated snake leather is amazingly stunning! The navy is mysterious and electric, especially when it's combined with the sheen in the snake leather. The pleats in the clutch reminds me of Nancy Gonzalez bags. Why? Because Nancy Gonzalez's specialty is of creating enough flexibility in her exotic skins to make beautiful foldings and pleating in her bags. I also love that this turns into an evening bag with the removable silver chain.

Grey suede 'Ruby' medium satchel $341.00 (Retail: $568.00)

Perhaps this bag is nothing you haven't seen before in shape, but the combination of patent leather and suede is so fresh and playful, especially in the context of the color GREY, this Fall's wildly popular color.

Stone straw woven 'Electra' large tote $179.00 (Retail: $298.00)

I am just amazed what Francesco Biasia can do with straw! The Meg bag was cute and playful, but the Electra tote seems casual and serious all at once. It looks like a bag that a highly organized woman would carry around and it would be sturdy and versatile enough for everyday use. Measuring a whooping 19" by 15" approximately, the Electra tote is appropriate to be a diaper bag, a laptop bag, a documents bag, or even an overnight bag (as long as you don't have a problem of over-packing like I do).

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