Monday, October 13, 2008

If I have all the money in the world...

If I have all the money in the world, this is the ensemble I would wear. I was attracted by the ruffles in the Elizabeth and James Orchid Trapeze Blouse so I decided to put together an outfit inspired by it. But mostly, I just wanted to carry that Mulberry Snakeskin oversized shoulder bag. It looks so sumptuous and glamorous, I'm sure this Mulberry bag will make a statement with any outfit. The two zippers on the side expands the bag if you needed it to. Think of it as a YSL Uptown bag turning into a YSL Downtown bag. Fab? I would say so. It doesn't close with a zipper up top, but instead employs a magnetic closure and a lobster clasp to hold the bag contents safely in the bag. Personally, I am fine with that because I love easy access to what's inside my bag. I know some people may hate it because they constantly spill and scatter the contents of their bags. And to those people, I say "you are a bigger klutz than I and you deserve the trouble of having to zip open and close your bag each time you take something out or put something in. Good riddance to you!"

So what do you think? Is the ensemble too much?

Ok, fine, if you find the purple on the Mulberry competing too much with the green on the Trapeze blouse, I will substitute the bag with another gorgeous bag from Anya Hindmarch. There, Happy now?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Anya Hindmarch bag is the bomb

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