Friday, September 19, 2008

Te Casan & Natalie Portman shoes on sale on Gilt Groupe

Here's a pair of shoes called "Natalie Portman Paine". Makes me wonder if she suffers pain from wearing it. If you don't yet know, Natalie Portman designs vegan shoes under the Te Casan label. I don't quite mind her shoes, especially when it's on sale on Gilt Groupe at $128 instead of $255. But you will find that there are many out there who disagrees with her shoe designs, and more importantly, the price tags that goes along with her shoes. Jezebel does a comparison of vegan shoe brands currently on the market.


Anonymous said...

You mean by disagree that there are people who just don't like her designs?

Mewer said...

Well, yes...mostly, they find it lacking in creativity/originality, saying Natalie ripped off other designers.

I honestly don't think anyone would say anything if these shoes were priced below $100. It is really the issue of having vegan shoes (that isn't exactly avante garde) priced at such exorbitant prices.

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