Thursday, September 18, 2008

The creepy and the wild from Chanel

First post in LA, and I had to come across this creepy little concoction from Chanel. Actually, while shopping for my friend's friend's birthday present, I went into the Chanel store at Holt Renfrew back in Vancouver and found two cute clutches priced around $1, 250. I had been excited since then, thinking about how affordable those clutches were and how adorable they were. But alas, I was busy and without a job. Today, I finally caved into my desires and tried to locate the cuties online, but what I found instead is this nightmarish bag!

Imagine having 50 children who lived out of a shoe. Or a house made out of cookies. Well, here's a bag that you can only see in your darkest imagination. It has little bag pocks of hell growing out of the front of the tote like a disease. One pock for your failings, another for your desperation, another for the abusive family member, another for your most embarrassing moments, and the last one for your deepest fears and anxiety. There is simply no end to the horror of this bag.

Ok, so I may have been a little bit harsh, so let me introduce another interesting bag from Chanel. Reminiscent of the Alexander McQueen Union Jack Clutch I blogged about last month, this Brit-inspired Chanel Union Jack bag is just as stylish but twice as lady-like. It is also one of the many beautifully unique bags in the Paris-Londres 2007/8 Collection, with the freakish exception of the slim tote with external pockets (above).

Here are two more bags from Chanel's Paris-Londres 2007/8 Collection. You can see more at Chanel's official website.

Here is one more wild bag from the Fall/Winter 2008/9 collection.

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