Monday, August 11, 2008

The fabulous bags my friend likes

I have a friend who is extremely excited about the 2012 Olympics that will be held in London. Whether it's because of her long-time love for the little gem of a city, or her quirky, fashion-forward sense of style, she is obviously head over heels in love with this Alexander McQueen Union Jack Clutch. Highly resonant exclamations of "SOOO SOOOOOO CUTE" came traveling over my msn and all I could say was that the clasp fastening was indeed very cute. While she continues to stare forlornly at the picture of the clutch (which is sold out at Net-a-porter), I applied my imaginary prowess to coordinate outfits around the clutch as a focal point. The clutch was indeed something SJP would carry, and it would certainly make a lot of outfits pop. So as I continue being overwhelmed by the affections my friend has towards the Union Jack clutch, I will have to give a thumbs up to the clutch itself.

This "so cute" friend of mine also picked out two other bags that I thought says a lot about her eye for unique and interesting details in bags and fashion.

Here, we have the Chloe Saskia bag with STUDS. From the back, the bag looks zen-like with studs placed evenly within a square centerpiece. How enlightening! My friend said that this might be too big for daily use, but I'm a big bag type of person (all the better to keep all the books I carry around) and the studs have a biker-chick-turned-demure-lady feel to it, an oxymoronic tension I simply cannot say "no" to, so I'm very happy to say "YES, YES, YES!" to this bag. Good choice, my friend. One caveat is that while the Saskia is much lighter than Chloe's infamous Padingtons, the studded Saskia bag has a metal handle (very slick and pretty), and enough leather and room to start worrying about its weight after contents. It's available at Net-a-porter for $2,700.

And then there is Jimmy Choo. The Lara shoulder bag seems to use the same leather as JC's Saba bag, which means it's ultra soft and light. Personally, I wasn't in love with the leather when I touched it in person, but this bag still won me over with its beautiful form and ultra roomy functionality. Ok, so I have a weakness of white bags, but doesn't the boxy shape just remind you of Hermes' Lindy bag? The Lara shoulder bag has straightforward 11-inch handles that will ensure easy carrying, and I'm pretty sure you can fit a football in there. Now, beside the lobster clasps on the sides of the bag, the bag's also attached to its handles with cute gold lobster clasps. So I started could probably change things up and use only ONE handle on this bag. You can do this by using two lobster clasps on the end of one handle!! Of course, you probably wouldn't want to do that because the great expandable style of the bag would be wasted. But hey...can't blame me for thinking up reasons to like this bag! Available at Net-a-porter for $2,250.

Would love to hear your reasons for loving these bags, my friend. Click "Comment" and start posting!


Chibi said...

Hmm out of all the bags shown i like the Jimmy Choo one.. seems decently big to carry around the essentials plus a bit more... plus i'm a sucker for ivory/white bags... currently tracking down the mini muse in ivory.. =P

Mewer said...

It's my favorite too...but I still have reservations since I didn't like the leather on the Saba...I would really like to see the Lara bag in person!

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