Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nicole Bundage and her quietly ground-breaking shoes

I saw these pair of shoes a while ago and I couldn't stop thinking about them. Whether it is the double ankle straps, the powdery color, the aesthetically pleasing jagged outlines, or the way the ankle straps are attached to the heels, I just keep going back to look at its picture. They are Nicole Brundage's Sinamon Blush shoes. These and other pairs of shoes from Nicole are currently on sale at Shoe Runway.

Nicole Brundage is a shoe designer that has received nods from Manolo Blahnik himself, and her shoe collection for Fall/Winter 2008 does not disappoint. You will see in the pictures below, a daring combination of shapes and textures, that is as well-conceived as it is well-executed. In the end, her shoes are stunning but not over-the-top, they are modern yet classic. In case you're wondering, Nicole was born in Texas, she collaborated with Manolo Blahnik on Zac Posen's Fall '04 shoe collection, and presented her first shoe collection in 2006.

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