Friday, August 15, 2008

Collaboration Cohort 01: J. Mendel & NARS

If you've kept your eyes open, it would be old news to say that collaborations are *the* trend. Disney collaborated with Pixar to make entertaining and highly successful animated movies, Apple collaborated with Nike to track and record data from the soles of your running shoes by using the iPod, and Louis Vuitton collaborated with artists such as Sprouse, Murakami, and most recently, Richard Prince to make avant-garde lines of bags.

Collaborations are all about bringing together two areas of expertise to create a product that surpasses what could have been done alone, or what was done in the past. With J. Mendel and Nars, we have a partnership that doesn't seem all that intuitive to me. What does the legendary fur house, J. Mendel, bring to the table in terms of expertise when making a limited edition lip palette with Nars? Does the fur house contribute insight about what is considered a sensual play of lip textures and colors? Or does J. Mendel deliver decisive authority with regards to the colors that go with fur-wearing? What does Nars gain from this partnership? I am utterly confused and would love to have a humbling explanation by experts out there. Click comment and start posting.

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