Friday, July 18, 2008

Quai D'Orsay - Provencal Printed Satin and Leather Sandal Shoes

I can't help falling in love...with this gorgeous pair of shoes from Quai D'Orsay ON SALE (Now: $153, Was: $219) at Forzieri. Aside from being colorful and sweet, the floral pattern escapes the easy trap of being gaudy and brings to one's feet a feminine touch. I would love to have the delicate satin carress my feet. Unfortunately, there is only sizes 4.5 US and 6 US left to be sold. *sob*

Well, never heard of Quai D'Orsay? They are found online mostly at, which brings lots of quality Italian goods to the convenience of your fingers. Quai D'Orsay is an Italian shoe designer and NO, his designs are not limited to D'Orsay shoe types.


Anonymous said...

Quai D'Orsay? So, it's Italian? Haha.. Well, these sandals surely attracted my attention too. Though I don't really like the skinny high heels(cuz just looking at them makes my feel feel hurt), I think it's very uniquely designed. The flowery patterns with black leather ankle belts seems to be a quite contradictory match but I like it. Just wondering, does it have a toe thumb slid-in thingy(not sure how u call that)? Wanna see how it looks with someone's feet in them. I think a more fun dress would go well with them?! =) -adeese

Mewer said...

Hey Adeese, that's a GREAT question! There's actually quite a bit of a twist (literally) with the answer.

I've posted extra pictures and from there you can see that the slim black patent straps that interlocks with the flowery satin actually loops back upon itsef at the side of the shoe.

And you can also see from the picture of the model wearing the shoe that two black patent straps are available on the side of the big toe, which means that the black patent loop is not meant to hold your big toe. So the answer is, you are supposed to just put your feet underneath all the fancy looping!!!

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