Sunday, July 20, 2008

Japan – Asia’s treasure trove of electronics

Needless to say, chibi and I are both fans of Japan. The cleanliness of the streets, the fact that a very high percentage of girls wear high heals, and the myriad of electronics you can find in that country are all very pleasing elements for us. During our recent trip there, I fell victim of the late night shopping channel and bought this awesome machine at Bic Camera in Shinjuku, one of the places we frequented.

Soie ES2067 is the top of the line in a series of hair removers from National, Panasonic that uses a pinching mechanism to pull out your leg or arm hair. As you can see from the photo, there is not one, but THREE heads with the pinching mechanism. (This is not unlike Philips Philisave Triple Head Shavers.) When it is turned on, each head rotates 360 degrees in its spot. At the same time, the three heads are spinning around, constantly in rotation. If you want to use a non-spinning one-header, there is also an exchangeable one-head pincher, as well as a shaver head, for all the different motions you might want out of your machine. It costs around $170 USD and comes in white and gold.

I found that while my leg hairs are not 100% removed after using Soie, it is a very painless (albeit, prickly) and fun machine to use. First of all, it is completely waterproof and if you put soap in the spinning heads, you will get foam to better remove your hairs with. Whenever I shave with a sharp and effective blade, I never fail to hurt myself at every awkward angle and end up with scars. Moreover, liquid hair dissolvers are too unpredictable and unusable for me. With Soie, I can now remove my hair as often as I want without any mess of bandaids and scars. Perhaps my legs will regain the same glory it once had one day!!

Soie is not yet available in North America as far as I know. But you can try to find it online in Taiwan.

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