Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jill Stuart Sunglasses – Ribbons and Crystal - Jewelry for your whole wardrobe

We’ve already posted twice about Jill Stuart’s cosmetic line. Specifically, we drooled over her oh-so-desirable blush and eye shadow compacts, which Jill Stuart termed as “make-up jewelry”. Now, we are proud to present our new Jill Stuart purchase during our two-weeks trip to Japan: Jill Stuart sunglasses!!

As you can see from our loving photos, my new sunglasses have a ribbon embedded into one of its sides and a crystal dotting the discreet ‘Jill’ embellishment at the top right corner of one of its lens. Other JS sunglasses that we saw had a crystal highlighting a ribbon embellishment instead. How cute, ladylike, and quaint!

I’m convinced that these sunglasses will look great on anybody. With only 1% of UV rays passing through, they are comparable to brands like Dior and D&G. The mischievous MOD features make the sunglasses stand out without using any of the metallic or posh details that many brands are going for right now. Who cares if it’s made in China? As with JS’s cosmetic jewelry line, these sunglasses define a sense of ornate simplicity that cannot be rivaled by over-the-top sheen. Jill Stuart stores can only be found in USA and Japan, so remember to look out for them!

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