Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Judith Leiber "Ritz Fizz" Silver Crystal Clutch


Can you really blame a girl for wanting and neeeeeding this? It was $2,495, but good ol' RueLaLa brought it down to $1,199 for us...Top of my wishlist...If only someone would buy it for me...*wink wink wink*

*deep breath*

Being an EXTREMELY RATIONAL SHOPPER, I have to explain to you why I must have this clutch:

(1) It's pretty.

(2) It has a thin, optional silver-tone chain to sling it on your shoulder to free up your hands.

(3) It has various sizes of hand-applied clear and grey Austrian crystals. Not your usual one size, one color repetition across the entire bag deal. UNIQUE! Plus the mix adds texture.

(4) Approximately 8.5in wide x 4in high x 1.5in deep, It is big enough to hold a designer lip gloss, credit cards, tissues, and a slim digital camera. Also, it has a back slit pocket in the interior back wall. Look at the seductive lines on that slit pocket. MMmmmm

I am convinced. Are you?

At the time of posting, there is only ONE left in the RueLaLa sale...

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