Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cooper Building Sample Sale Standout: Grai

Last Thursday, Sabrina from SABOshop took me around Cooper Building where she used to work. The Cooper Building in downtown LA is a snobby building full of fashion houses that usually turn their noses up at buyers without formidable purchasing power. We were able to roam the place and scour the goods last Thursday because the eM Production Sample Sale was happening. In fact, there was a number of other sample sales happening in the Cooper Building since a lot of designers synchronize their sample sales to be around the same time in order to get rid of leftover inventory.

Things were cheap, as they always are at sample sales and we wondered to ourselves how anyone could buy things at retail prices after visiting sample sales like this. Everything was cash only and they were cheaper than the online sample sale sites (as an incentive for you to drive there and buy things, I guess).

All in all, there was only one noteworthy name that lingered within my memory cells after I left the building. That name is Grai. Its collection was one of the three new lines that walked down the runway at the Los Angeles Theatre during the Gen Art Showcase back in March this year. The Gen Art showcase is for up and coming designers and it is a part of the 2009 Fashion Week done by arts collective, BOXeight.

Introductions aside, Grai made an impression on me amidst the jungle of clothing because Maya Yogev (its creator) used very touchable leather with fascinating expertise. The leather was supple and soft so it hangs beautifully in the case of a jacket and hugs comfortably in the case of miniskirt and strapless minidress (though I didn't try them on). Yes, even if these were past season creation, these leather things were so wondrous and so much cheaper than retail (they were only about $200+ compared to $1,000+ retail)!! However, I had forgotten to bring that much cash on me!!~ >_<~... Yes, I am an idiot. I'm definitely going to look out for Grai again next year!!! Grai jackets are available online at Madison LA.

P.S. Sabrina then brought me to Santee Alley (just around back) where fabrics and accessories of all kinds can be found. There were also mannequins with great anti-gravity butts and $9.99 jeans that look like they would fit like a glove. If you need different mix-and-match apparel items and accessories to complete your look this holiday, that's the place to go!!! (Can't believe I'm only finding out about Santee Alley now~~).


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