Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Morgane Le Fay Dresses: My New Obsession

Above from S/S'10

Above from F/W'09

Above from S/S'09

Above from F/W'08

Morgane Le Fay's LA store is just a few blocks down the street of Montana from where I live in Santa Monica. Its walls are minimalistic, yet there is a unmistakable sense of posh and luxury holding up the tall glass window display. I had always driven or walked past without venturing in. Finally, I went in last Thursday because that was the last day of the Morgane Le Fay's trunk show where everything in-store was 15% off and Spring/Summer 2010 items can be pre-ordered.

While extremely amused by the whimsy and sometimes peculiar short dresses and tops in the front of the store, I was most interested in looking at the long ivory gowns in the back of the store to see if there is anything suitable for my wedding next year. I found two beautiful silk gowns that were possible candidates. One had razor thin straps, a gauzey tie-around ribbon on the bodice, and a long skirt with ruffled details throughout. The other was actually black but the store attendant assured me that their New York SoHo factory can make one in ivory for me. It was strapless, had a tiny clingy bodice, and a layered skirt with a satin-like material peeking out from under. The first was $4,800+ and the latter was $2,800+.

Oh, how I adored them!~ Their skirts were full-bodied due to the crinoline underneath and they successfully induced princess dreams for me. And one more tidbit. THE CRINOLINE IS DETACHABLE!!! That did it for me, because in my imagination, they will look even better without the crinoline and the idea of a wedding dress I can wear again was EXTREMELY appealing to the practical side of me.

In short, I fell in love. I didn't dare put them on, for fear I would fall deeper in love. See, the thing about Morgane Le Fay dresses is, they are not the traditional kind of wedding dresses where a sense of grandeur and otherwise immaculate structure rules the day. Morgane Le Fay dresses, on the other hand, are wistful and floaty. They throw caution to the wind, never once apologising for their austere form. It is almost like they were made for ancient nymphs who simultaneously celebrate worldly beauty and break through all earthly illusions. Essentially, I could not possibly wear these dresses to my wedding because I don't have the confidence to convince my elders of this unconventional choice.

(P.S. Morgane Le Fay uses a very unique and high quality crinoline that feels just a little bit like bubble wrap. Ok, it's nothing like bubble wrap, which I love to play with, but it IS light and smoochy, for a lack of a better word. You should definitely check these crinoline out.)

Sigh~. 'Twas not meant to be. My heart can only fill itself with longing while I peruse the galore of dresses on Morgane Le Fay's website.

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