Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Superwoman's Sheer Cape Dress

So I worked the entire day at home today. Washed dishes, ate leftovers, washes dishes constantly, gathered dirty clothes around the house, did four rounds of laundry, lined the bed, cleaned outside porch furniture, dumped trash, organized the many rooms, watched the Frost/Nixon movie, sent out post, received mail and packages, returned tons of email, chatted friends up, helped cousin research iPhone prices, cooked rice and warmed up dinner, helped make potatoes croquettes, recruited a model for a photoshoot, and planned my long trip of sample sales to go to tomorrow.

I AM EXHAUSTED!!! But I do feel a little like superwoman. Anyway, I saw this Black Hawk Sheer Cape Dress for $91 (was $229) at HauteLook, and I thought, "how fitting"! That is, if I ever wanted to strut my superwoman status (albeit in an inconspicuous way), this dress would be perfect, with its cape and everything~. It doesn't even look costume-y at all. Haaa, you've got to hand it to me for making these connections, eh?

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