Saturday, November 14, 2009

Free People - a small dose of the Military trend

This was taken back in July when I went on my road trip to Seattle. So I promised to post on my spoils, but my Asia trip and life in general took over and while you really don't have time to hear my excuses, I felt the need to slip it in there anyway. =P

In any case, I didn't buy this sweater, but I REALLY wanted to. It was a feminine sweater with a pinch of the military trend worked into the overall shape and rows of buttons. The sweater doesn't come off too literal or deliberate. And it was soft~~~... purrr-fect for fall. I honestly think I look cute in it *pout*. Plus, because this sweater does not overdose on the military trend, I think it will last for seasons to come.

Now, 10 points for anyone who can guess where the picture was taken.


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