Friday, July 17, 2009

Going to Seattle - Prelude

Fishee and I are taking our moms (and Fishee's younger brother) on a road trip to Seattle today! We are passing by Seattle's Premium Outlet in the morning, and then going to Barneys and Nordstrom later in the afternoon and having dinner downtown with EC-chan. I'll be hunting for Rock and Republic denim for BeautyTamaki, and otherwise just enjoy browsing beautiful stuff at Barneys/Nordstrom. First of all, Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale starts today, so we'll be early birds! Also, if Barney's online sale is representative of what I might find in store, I'm really psyched! After all, they have pretty shoes such as this Stella McCartney Platform Sandal.

Isn't this shoe simply beautiful? Trust Stella to pair ivory lace with bling-bling in the shape of a bone. Having just shopped at Oakridge in Vancouver a few days ago, where there was nothing to feel excited about, I'm hoping this trip will be fruitful. In any case, I will report back at the end of the day with my conquests (if any), and items of lust-worthiness (if any).

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