Saturday, July 18, 2009

Prada Natural Snake Print Deerskin Shopping Tote

BeautyTamaki got this bag as a gift for her birthday this year (back in June), and I have to say that the bag looks very handsome and attention-grabbing in person. Although it is deerskin made to look like python, it actually works for two reasons. Firstly, the snake print Prada produced looks amazing. The colors are pretty and the scales look realistic. Secondly, the sheen from the deerskin makes the snake print look a little like watersnake skin, which successfully elevates the bag from simply an embossed exotic to something that feels authentic and beautiful.

The Snake Print Deerskin Shopping Tote reminds me of the Tod's G Bag in Python that Jessica Alba wore to a Tod's party. There are some differences between the two bags though. The Prada bag has more of a smooth transition from front to bottom to side and will slouch like a bucket when filled and set down. On the other hand, the G bag has more of a defined bottom and is smaller on top so it will act more structured. Also, the G bag has buckle details on its sides and is made out of real python. Priced at $2,165, you may think that Tod's Python G bag is a better deal than the Prada Snake Print Deerskin tote. However, it is important to note that deerskin commands a high price because of its relative rarity and proven durability.

Prada is the one brand that has been using a lot of deerskin in the making of their bags. Deerskin feels thicker and fuller because deers have one of the toughest skin partially due to adaptations to their thorny and thicket filled habitats. Thus, it is very fitting that Prada would use deerskin to create its high-quality bags. The only drawback of using relatively heavy deerskin in a shopping tote is the incredible combined weight of the bag (the Prada bag weighs 3 lbs) plus all the "essentials" that a girl can fit in there.

Lastly, here are a couple of examples from Prada's arsenal of beautiful deerskin bags after the jump:

Prada Lace/Cervo Lux Print Bowler $1,995 - $2,350
Held above by Miranda Kerr, Australian Model, and Orlando Bloom's fiancee

Prada Antic Deerskin Bag from Fall 2006 $2,680
Held by Liv Tyler

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