Friday, November 13, 2009

Jasmine Di Milo Nude Strapless Corset Dress

I've had this dress bookmarked for months and months...It's on sale (30% off = $546.15) now, which is a torture for me. There is simply nothing I could say, except that I hate Jasmine Di Milo for taking up space in my bookmarks. Also, her moon-inspired Fall'09 collection is sooooo drool-worthy, I almost felt like crying when I viewed it.

Ok, enough of this self-absorbed ranting.

So who is Jasmine Di Milo?

The 25-year-old designer/creative director/CEO, Jasmine Al Fayed/Di Milo, is the daughter of Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed. She is gorgeous, and her parents are Finnish and Egyptian. Having shown collections in Paris under the name Jasmine Di Milo since 2006, Jasmine is one of UK's "latest and greatest designer" churning out "diaphanous silky gowns, soft tailoring and perfect cocktail dresses". (I just love refering to what other people say of other people, don't you?)

Well, in fact, Jasmine started designing back in 2003, and has been showing off her creation in a boutique on the first floor of Harrods for years before Paris happened. There is no point questioning her pedigree really~~~. She trained at London College of Fashion and in fashion workrooms at Harrods alongside some of Britain's top talent. So I would say that Jasmine is a great example of how to maximize the benefits of the position you were born into. Certainly, I would still attribute her awesome (*drool*) dresses to her hard work, but being Harrods' heir probably didn't hurt.

For this season's go-to after dark dresses, go to Jasmine Di Milo's official website and online store to feast...


And while we are on nude strapless dresses, here's one I have my eyes on from Romeo and Juliet Couture at

Romeo and Juliet Couture Big Bow Side Dress
Now $88.00 (Was $220.00) 60% Off

Affordable and wonderfully chic, ain't it? This dress and other cool leggings can be found if you join Hautelook, the sample sale site~.

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