Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Emma Watson is...new face in Burberry Campaign

I'm, of course, a huge fan of Hermione. But when I saw these pictures, I literally drooled. I wanted to buy Burberry so badly now! Look at how edgy and modern and sleek and British Emma looks!!! She is only 19 so I'm glad she doesn't look like this ALL the time (because that would be too much eye-makeup for everyday). Nevertheless, she looks like perfection itself in these campaign, so I have to say that Burberry did something point-on right this time. Emma is wearing Burberry's forthcoming autumn/winter 2009/10 collection in the campaign, which was shot by celebrated fashion photographer Mario Testino. Set in Westminster (central London), creative director Christopher Bailey (from Yorkshire) wanted to convey the rich, historic part of London as well as the modernity of the brand. I'll say, WELL DONE, MATE~ well done.

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GL said...

I really need to give you big credit for not only commenting the fashion/beauty, but also providing info of the entire shooting team. That is one professional attitude. Way to go, gal!

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