Monday, June 15, 2009

Jerome Dreyfuss Franky Bag in Python

While shopping at Beverly Center with my dear friends A.H and A.H. (lol~ they have the same initials), we went into the store called Traffic, where expensive and branded designer things abound. In the store display, there was an alligator clutch in tealish grey (I forgot the designer) and it looked very much like the Carlo Falchi alligator clutch except it isn't oversized and the skin is much more matte instead of glazed. Since I forgot the name of the designer, I can't find a picture to post, but if you're in the area, you should check it out because it is soo delectable. Costs ~$1,600 at Traffic.

Anyway, what was inside the store was just as wonderful, if not more so!! Inside, I found Alexander Wang's one-shoulder RED dress, and you know how much I love RED. In the bags section, my eyes fell prey to a huge bag from Jerome Dreyfuss made out of python and I literally pounced on it to feel it up (call it a fetish). I found a not-so-perfect picture of the Franky bag (see above) and for a closer view of the python, Jerome Dreyfuss Twee bag (see below) is a good reference. The Franky bag in Python is only about $2,600 for a big bag at 21" by 10" by 1". The usual leather versions of the Franky costs only ~$880 but python skin makes the bag so much more wonderful!

As you can see above, the Franky bag has straps worked into the top of the bag like a belt, so that you can pull the straps up to use as a handle like in the top picture where it is hanging in the window. Otherwise, you can also fold the Franky bag down and strap it on your arm or over your body with the shoulder strap, so that you get more of a hipster feel. Somehow, the Franky in grey python drew unexplainable fondness from me. The design is relatively simple, but changeable enough to have fun with. I'm simply unable to forget it. I hope no one buys it and it goes on sale, so that I can get it at a discount (though the price is rather reasonable for such a big python bag already).

P.S. It just so happens BagSnob and Purseblog have both wrote about Jerome Dreyfuss's black bags lately. Honestly, I haven't taken much notice of the french designer until now. If you want to see more of Jerome Dreyfuss bags, his website is in french, so it might be a bit hard to navigate for those who don't know the language. You can also watch this video (also in french), but it showcases the bags, so you can have visuals.

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