Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chanel new shade of nail polish

Chanel nail polish. Frenzy-inducing. Long line of cult favorites.

But of course! And I can vouch for it!

BeautyTamaki may have tried to convince me (in 2007) that Chanel nail lacquer is better than most, but I held a healthy amount of skepticism. When I saw a Blue Satin Chanel lacquer at my friend A.H.'s place during a sleepover, I simply had to try it. It went on smooth as silk and was extremely forgiving (for shaky application). I was impressed. One coat was all it took to make my nails look professionally manicured. My blue nails looked awesome, so I stopped applying. Yes, I was too lazy to put on top coat. Happily, I went on the first day with perfect nails, but within three days, the polish chipped terribly. It was a sad story of how it is a good idea to put at least two coats of color and a top coat for long-lasting nail color. DUH, right?

Nevertheless, I can now vouch for BeautyTamaki's statement that nail polish from Chanel is of the highest quality. Indeed, the internet vibe of longtime fashionistas can't be wrong.

News is, Chanel will be coming out with a limited-edition lacquer in October, and it will be in a milky shade of green called Jade. How fitting~ I feel soothed and fortunate already. The shade is from Chanel's Fall'09 collection and will be accompanied by a Jade Rose shade.

Jade Rose. It'll probably be gorgeous and bursting with femininity. I am drooling with imagination already.

My friend, A.H., who helped pop my Chanel cherry with her Blue Satin lacquer, loves green. I'm wondering how happy she is with this news.

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