Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cross-Ethnic Dressing in Indian Fashion...Part 1

A while ago, I posted on dressing in Qi Pao (Chinese ethnic costume), and Kimonos (Japanese ethnic costume), which are both worn by Hollywood stars and the adventurous public alike. Today, I finally get to do a post on Indian ethnic clothing! The most beautiful formal wear of the Indian people is the Sari.

I've always loved the Sari since I saw Indian people wearing it on the streets in Singapore and on Indian movies. With the Bollywood movement, we are seeing more and more amazing Indian films in North America, including the recent highly acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire (I loved it!! Go watch it!!!). If you found Latika beautiful in the film, I hope you will find these Saris beautiful too. Hopefully, Saris will slowly become what Kimonos are to American Fashion inspiration.

Elegant pure silk Banaras sari

What do you think? Will you venture out and wear a sari the next time you have an event to go to? If this drapery is too much for you, there are other options from the arsenal of traditional Indian costumes. See Part 2 tomorrow for continuation.

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