Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Maxi Dress Story

Gypsy 05 Ombre Gold Leaf Print Maxi Dress Was $196, Now $137

So the story is, after falling in love with Rachel Pally's Maxi dresses, I have been dying to try on a maxi dress. My opportunity came when chibi's friends went shopping on 3rd St., Santa Monica! I tried on a royal blue maxi dress at Forever21 and it looked beautiful and felt as comfortable as my pajamas. However, due to the unfortunate deep-V design, my less-than-modest chest proved too pathetic-looking as flat meadows lay far and wide where deep valleys should be. I thought all hopes were lost and I could never wear a beautiful deep-V maxi dress and have it look the way it should.

Well, then I saw these pictures of Paris Hilton in Gypsy 05 Ombre Maxi Dress. Paris is very thin, of course. Surprisingly, the deep-V maxi actually looks good on her!! My theory is, the ombre shading helped take the focus away from the size of the chest such that it doesn't look quite as one-dimensional/flat. This is also a very beautiful color combination of blue, olive, and gold. Naturally, it is about 5 times more expensive than the Forever21 Jersey Maxi. Worth it, right?

Gypsy 05, established in 2005, is very popular among celebrities. Check out the brand's specialty, print and tie-dye, which is used in everything from dresses, tops, to accessories.

Gypsy 05 Blue & Grey Circle Scarf
at Pink Mascara

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