Friday, May 22, 2009

Chadwick Bell more expensive than the Balmain jacket Beyonce wore

Since most people in the fashion industry is going through Balmainia (love of and devotion towards the house of Balmain), I gradually got accustomed to the idea of people wearing jackets with a 5-figures price tag. $10,371.34 for a Balmain jacket is a lot, and what's this? A Chadwick Bell Caftan priced at $15,830.00!!! This caftan, among other Chadwick Bell apparel, is being sold on Vivre in a private sale for Vivre subscribers until May 31st. You get a 30% off discount by using promo code RTW09 at checkout.

This means that this caftan is now $11,081 until May 31st! Hahaha, who can pass this up, right? After all, we are in a recession the likes of which we haven't seen since 1928.

Below are a couple of other Chadwick Bell apparel that I personally love with the same ethereal feeling of exquisiteness and luxury as the Voile Caftan above. What do you think of? Beautiful, and a steal at 30% off, or something you can buy elsewhere and unbelievably overpriced.

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