Thursday, May 21, 2009

Camina Campus at YOOXYGEN: YOOX's ECO-mmerce

icon started a eco-friendly initiative on April 22, 2009 called YOOXYGENicon. By teaming up international artists, organizations, and designers, hopes to take a step in the direction of eco-sustainability in this eco-mmerce approach to fashion. YOOXYGENicon features limited edition collections such as the Camina Campus bag collection, a limited edition of shoulder-strap clutch bags (above), created from recycled materials such as thin strips of alumium salvaged from Venetian blinds.

Designed by the designer Ilaria Venturini Fendi, the clutch bags come in 7 brilliant shades (pun intended), and were made by Italian craftspeople. The bag is lightweight at D 2.3" X H 5.7" X L 39.0" X W 8.6". It is also lined inside with vintage fabric, and has a pocket with leather detailing. My favorite is the royal blue and bloody red, as well as the silver and gold clutches. With its metal chain shoulder straps, the Carmina Campus Clutch Bag is a great substitute for bags like the Chanel 2.55, especially since it is only a fraction of the iconic Chanel bag's price, and packs just as much style and story as a 2.55.


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