Friday, May 15, 2009

Louis Vuitton Inclusion Bracelet, Hoops, and Ring

(From Left to Right)
Inclusion Bracelet Transparent (Large) $420
Inclusion Bracelet Transparent (Small) $305
Inclusion Ring Transparent $235
Inclusion Hoops Transparent $385

The Inclusion collection consists of resin accessories encrusted with Monogram charms and floating Swarovski crystals. The transparent acetate bracelet is also available in 5 to 6 other colors, while the ring is available in 8 other colors. The hoops is only available in Transparent, which is the version I prefer because the lightness sheds more luster onto the LV charms.

What do you think? Are the LV Inclusion accessories cute, fabulous, or simply not worth that much money? Those who are familiar with my bag preferences know that I do not fancy monograms very much. Yet, I was drawn to these accessories at first sight, and honestly think they would make a great gift. The main reason for this is because LV successfully rejuvenated the classic monograms by placing them irregularly. Thus, the patterns are pleasing and the monograms are subtle to the eye. Plus, the bling factor is high with the spotless Swarovski crystals. It looks young and fun with a tinge of luxury.

On a side note, a thought came to my mind when I saw the Inclusion collection. Did LV want to reclaim more market share in the accessories department after seeing consumers being so in love with Hermès enamel bracelets? Unfortunately, since they were priced comparably, I have a feeling the LV Inclusion collection will not become as popular as the Hermès enamel bracelets. Hermès is, after all, Hermès~.

By the way, there is also a Monogram Inclusion Phone Accessory, Speedy Key Holder, Hair Cubes, Hair Barrette GM and PM. Very cute.

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