Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dog Tie from Gucci

This Gucci necktie in 100% silk reminded me of my elder brother, Tr. and I simply had to post it. The tie combines the renown 'GG' logo print with a fun and quirky miniature dog pattern for a gay (as in joyful) take on the classic monogram. Also available in beige, blue, and cream, the miniature dog print on the tie is cute in all four colors. A note of caution though, despite the respected Gucci logo, I wouldn't venture so far as to wear this to a formal occasion because it may be too much on the lighthearted side. On the other hand, it is suitable for most office days and will certainly fit those with a sense of humor.

On a curious note of events, Gucci America Inc. recently sued Guess? Inc. for trademark infringement. That is, the use of the green-and-red-stripe designs and interlocking 'G' patterns that mimics the famous Gucci brand.


bbdolphin said...

cute tie!! but too cute for geo

Mewer said...

Haha...geo is already cute, if he wears this tie, it would be cute overdose?...haha...

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