Saturday, May 16, 2009

Derek Lam New Stand-Alone Store in Soho = Glass Pod Hazard?

I saw these pictures on NYMag courtesy of Derek Lam and laughed out loud for a good ten seconds. The new stand-alone Derek Lam store in Soho, NYC, was designed by SANAA, the Tokyo-based company behind the New Museum on Bowery. Sure, I appreciate the modern aesthetic and all that, so, what's so funny? Well, according to NYMag, guests had to put their arms out to make sure they don't hit into the glass walls. Assuming the janitors do their job of cleaning the glass thoroughly, then, to go from the accessories table to the spring/summer collection might become hazardous, especially for a klutz like myself. Somehow, the thought in my mind blossomed into a full-blown picture of people bumping into glass walls, and faces smooshed up against the glass while holding on to Derek Lam's apparel/bags. I found that funny. Har Har.

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