Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Neutrals Can Be Fabulous

chibi's friends, Shirley and Tin, are visiting and staying at chibi's place at the beginning of the month. Yesterday, Tin complained that Shirley always wears the same basic colors (black, white, brown and grey), otherwise known as "neutral colors", and Shirley responded that she simply doesn't know how to match different colors together. In my mind, I wanted to rebut Tin's criticism because neutrals are not necessarily boring. After all, Angelina Jolie is a decidedly neutral dresser and has been on many best-dressed lists. I also wanted to tell Shirley that if she wanted to, she can be fabulous even if everything she owned was a neutral color.

The above are some examples of really basic items that look great together. The neutral-on-neutral look can also be achieved with white-on-white ensembles, black-on-black, as well as black-and-white outfits, etc. Of course, for the summer, silver and gold are very appropriate neutrals to go for (derivatives of grey and brown respectively) because they are bright and vibrant. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. There are also much fancier neutral items that you can add to your closet and they will go with practically anything.

For those who are interested, I held my tongue in that conversation. Somehow, I didn't think they would understand what I meant to say. Now, it sure is great to have an outlet (the blog) for the voices in my head...Phew! An all black ensemble is featured below:

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