Thursday, April 02, 2009

Michelle Obama is one cool gardener.

Way to go, Michelle Obama!!! A friend posted this news on facebook today. US. first lady, Michelle Obama is showing great leadership to everyone with her shoveling efforts. ^_^ Really! She worked with fifth-graders to create a produce and herb garden in the white house grounds. I love her project because it sends out the down-to-earth message for people to take care of the basics at home. There is nothing pretentious in trying to grow food for your family and staff to eat. I think it is absolutely wonderful.

Anyway, while I'm raving about Michelle Obama's great sense and sensibilities, I also want to point out that Mobama wore a very chic and appropriate attire to dig and shovel the white house grounds. Her ensemble covered her very well so that she wouldn't be cold. At the same time, her smile keeps her approachable, which is important if she wanted the fifth graders to put their backs into the gardening work.

She chose a turtleneck on the inside, a shawl collared long sweater dress, black pants, patent belt, and patent rainboots for her outfit. The matching of the patent accessories is great, and I love the length of the boots. Also, the sweater dress is great for a number of reasons. Number one, it is slightly navy blue, which contrasts with the otherwise all-black ensemble, and gives it that much more interest and texture. Number two, it represents the color of America, and what a way to call for patriotism! Number three, the shawl collar has a slight wrap-around shap and is very flattering for the first lady (and the belt adds additional definition to her waist). Number four, I've never seen anyone wear a sweater dress to do gardening work. It's genius. It says Michelle had the attitude that "this work is so important to me, I want to look good doing it so that people will think that it's cool and will follow my lead". And those fith graders undoubtedly thought she looks good in person too. They will certainly go home and tell their parents, and thereafter carry themselves with the pride of being an American by looking for ground roots methods. In other words, Michelle Obama is pushing the new age attitude of eco-awareness to a new high in the next generation. No matter which way you slice it, she is just cool.

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