Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Day~!!

For the wonderful day of Easter, centuries after Jesus came back to life from sacrificing himself, I couldn't resist posting up a bunny girl costume from

Sure, the costume has nothing to do with God's love for us, but other elements got mixed into the Easter tradition over time. And these elements, bunnies and eggs, signify that spring is upon us. Thus, let's all be grateful for the springtime and the warmth that comes with it, and let's all be grateful that we are alive today, able to enjoy various joys of living.

Since one of my joys of living is watching anime, I would honestly rather cosplay (dress up as an anime character) Suzumiya Haruhi in her bunny costume, fishnet stockings, pumps, and guitar...awesome~~~

But since Costume Discounters is offering a 5% off all orders of $30 or more! Use code APRIL5 at checkout. Well, why not? If you buy more than $70 at Costume Discounters, you can also get Free Shipping (US only) by using code FREE70 at checkout. Both offers expire on April 30.

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