Monday, April 13, 2009

Diane von Furstenberg Lottie Studded Mini Clutch, Handbag, and Shoulder Bag

If the Chanel 2.55 chain bag is too proper for you, there are always other choices out there. You can chose from close imitations of the quilted 2.55, or you could depart from the oridinary and go for chain bags with lots of rock attitude. The DvF Lottie Studded Mini Clutch is a tough-looking clutch, shoulder chain bag, and a handbag all in one.

I've never taken any notice of bags from Diane con Furstenberg (DvF) before. DvF, who is the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), is famous for her brand of American-style wrap dresses. But this one has really gotten me to sit up and take notice. I love the goldtone hardware and silver metallic leather combination. And of course, studs are all the rage this season with a new reissue of Be&D's original Garbo Studded Tote and a easy-to-carry studded tote look from MiuMiu. (Lanvin, Jimmy Choo, and Bulgaicon also have studded bags this season.) Plus, is giving away the mini version of Rebecca Minkoff Stud Devotee Toteicon.

Speaking of studs, DvF varied the studs on Lottie Studded Mini Clutch by making some of them flat and some of them raised. The rectangular shape lends a very tough form to the bag while the removable chain adds femininity and biker chic. Also, the bag is very versatile for low-maintenance girls with attitude. When folded, the flaptop with cutout center shows off the studs. When unfolded, it becomes the handle of the handbag. And if as a seasonable trend, this bag is too expensive for you at $800, there is always Rebecca Minkoff's Stud Fling Minaudieresicon, which is under $300.

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