Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring at 6pm

I saw these today at and I thought..."How Dita Von Teese!".

Anyway, I rather thought it was an odd shoe to find in the Marc by Marc Jacobs bunch, since I'm more used to seeing shoes like the following from Marc by Marc Jacobs:

Marc by Marc Jacobs - 683611 (Yellow Vinyl) - FootwearMarc by Marc Jacobs - 683946 (Pink Vinyl) - FootwearMarc by Marc Jacobs - Met Heel 2button Sld (Yellow Shiny Calf) - FootwearMarc by Marc Jacobs - 663905 (Yellow/Violet) - FootwearMarc by Marc Jacobs - 683165 (Emerald Lam&eacute) - FootwearMarc by Marc Jacobs - 683966 (White Multi Fabric) - FootwearMarc by Marc Jacobs - 683959 (Copper Glitter Patent) - FootwearMarc by Marc Jacobs - 673582 (White H.C. Patent) - Footwear

I picked out these shoes with Spring and Summer in mind. They are all available on, and a lot of them are on sale.

I had so much fun picking out Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes that I started looking for other great spring sandals to have...

Arche - Pepite (Petunia) - Footwear

Arche - Pepite (Petunia) - Was: $304, Now: $159.12

Etro - 3036 (White Leather) - Footwear

Etro - 3036 (White Leather) - Was: $479, Now: $234.00

Michael Kors - Palm Springs (Yellow Patent) - Footwear

Michael Kors - Palm Springs (Yellow Patent) - Was $397, Now: 198.90

Emilio Pucci - 773315 (Pink Canvas Leite) - Footwear

Emilio Pucci - 773315 (Pink Canvas Leite) - Was: $305, Now: $154.44

DKNY - Annabelle (Nude) - Footwear

DKNY - Annabelle (Nude) - Was: $329, Now: $175.50

I included a white bootie at the end because sometimes we feel like walking in heels, but we also want our entire feet covered. And of course, white is great for the summer too. Anyway, there are so many choices on that I started getting dizzy. Go check it out yourself! Be warned, I think you might need to be a rather selective shopper there.

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