Monday, March 16, 2009

Roberto Cavalli Eva Snake Cuff Watch

My mom just called me on the phone from Vancouver and told me that she had to phone me so that it wouldn't seem like she is favoring my little brother (who is in Singapore) by phoning him all the time. She has free long distance to both US and Singapore, so the number of phone calls to me should equal the number of phone calls to my little brother...but I know that is probably not the case. Hahaaa...It's the first time in a long time that my little brother (21 years old) has been apart from her while she has gotten used to me being away, after I moved to NYC, Taipei, and now LA. Poor mom probably misses my little bro to bits.

Anyway, both my mom and dad were born in the year of the snake. Though my mom is one year younger, she is a Aquarius who made it right before the Chinese New Year of her year. My dad said that if there were only another snake in our family, then we would be prosperous. Why and how that is, I do not know, since I do not question the ancient art of Chinese astrology.

In any case, I've been thinking for a while that snake bracelets would be awesome for my mom, because it is the year she was born in, and because it fits her "aura". She is small and dainty, and seems a little weak sometimes. The snake should add some animalistic (or rather, reptilian) energy to her being. Also, snake bracelets are very elegant, and my mom looks extremely beautiful when donned with items like that (so much so that I've often jealous of her transformation~). Plus, this Roberto Cavalli Cuff Watch is both a decorative cuff and a watch!!! I mean, a girl's gotta keep track of how long the party has gone on and how much longer she needs to keep smiling before she can go home for her beauty sleep, right?

So, my conclusion dad should buy this for her. Or......I can ask Poeticcrap (my elder bro) for the money...coz I sure don't have any >_<~...

My only complaint to Roberto Cavalli is, WHY make this only gold-plated?!? That makes it feel more like cosmetic jewelry than a REAL one.

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Nippi said...

Ooo~ @_@ me likey...
This would look good on Kao Mama too, but I have not the money!

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