Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nina Ricci models did not die from vertigo on the runway. Surprise Surprise.

What? Really??? No one fell in these? I guess I judged them wayyyy too quickly then.

Olivier Theysken's final collection at Nina Ricci (Fall '09) is said to be very strong. Industry people speculated that he made sure this collection was strong to prove some sort of point (that he is good, that he is not to be forgotten, etc...).

Anyway, I was thinking...so when they say strong, what they really mean is, tall. Well then, YES! it is very strong indeed. Well, actually, no, it wasn't just the shoes, there were strong shoulders and helmet-hard hats too. But it was really the shoes that got me commenting.

Here's Shrimpton Couture's reaction to the shoes and the clothes...and even though I wouldn't wear those clothes or shoes outside (for my own safety), I sure would encourage anyone considering that terrible leg-bone-breaking operation to try these on as an alternative. After all, why would anyone go break the bones in their legs and regrow them for a few months JUST to grow a few inches when they can wear these and become easily 8 inches longer in their legs, eh???

So, while we are on the topic of shoes, what do you think of this Alexander McQueen shoe? I saw this at Shrimpton Couture Blog and wondered if it is even wearable. If this is the future of fashion, I wonder if people are growing increasingly masochistic, or misogynist, as NYMag called Alexander McQueen's Fall '09 "Derelict" show.

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