Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Frugal Spring Sandals Solutions

Another frugal way to be hot.

The trendy nude platforms from Christian Louboutin is gorgeous but pricey. Bad economy or not, I just don't have $1,095 to spend on every shoe I like. (And I like MANY shoes).

Crinkle Strappy Platforms

For about 3% of the Louboutin's price, you can get a comparable style!!! Yes, it is different in many ways (let's not play spot the difference here), and of course the Louboutin is more gorgeous, but for $30, can you really complain about the Crinkle Strappy Platforms from CharlotteRusse.com? This is easily paired with pretty much anything, so I won't elaborate here.

The Sergio Rossi Fringe Sandal is part of the massic fringe trend. For something of the moment like this, you wonder if you want to spend $850 on something that might not last beyond a year or two from now. After all, in Fashion, one day you're in, the next day, you're out...

The trick is to spend very little to acquire the newest trends. Remember that fashionistas mix and match their high- to low- end items to create a look that is unique to themselves. (Wear this with some denim miniskirt, casual top, and accesorize with boho-style items!)

Again, you can get a comparable style that combines two hot shoe styles from premium designers by going for the Studded Strappy Platforms (below).

Studded Strappy Platforms

There are tons of other Spring Sandals to chose from at CharlotteRusse.com. At these prices, you can afford to have ALL the trends in your closet.

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